The Charming Lonno Lodge


The Charming Lonno Lodge watamu is a luxurious Cozy boutique hotel in Watamu dubbed as the best lodge in Watami, the lodge is situated in Watamu which is part of the Malindi Municipality.

The Charming Lonno Lodge is a recently built lodge using old construction techniques to allow travelers to savour times past, the lodge is exclusively made of tambours and the wild nature of a collective imagination but also from times  when the exchanged of goods such as gold, ivory and spices from Africa’s interior. The lingia franca, distinctive culture and characteristic architectonic swahili style  produced by the fostered expansion of the coast.

The Charming Lonno Lodge is a mixture of styles and different shapes almost as if the different populations also came in waves during the process of building, rebuilding it, reorganizing it and changing it around, leaving their various prints behind to thrill while on Kenya Tours .


The Charming Lonno Lodge is a very cozy luxurious lodge though relatively small with only 4 rooms and 4 suites guaranteeing everybody with silence and privacy. The 4 rooms are situated in the Observation Tower, each of the four suites is on two floors with independent access.

Rooms and Suites at The Charming Lonno Lodge mainly differ in size and bedding, other features in these each unit include

  • Kitchenette
  • Frigo-bar
  • Kettle
  • Tea-kit
  • Hot & Cool water dispenser
  • Sink
  • Glasses & Cups
  • Wall Fan (no noisy air-conditioning)
  • Mosquito nets on all the beds (not really needed, but .. you never know)
  • Big bathroom with shower (no tub)
  • Courtesy kit with natural soap, shampoo and conditioner
  • Hairdryer
  • 32″ TV set with Netflix and Youtube
  • Multi-standard sockets (you don’t need to travel with tons of adapters to charge your phone and camera!)
  • Safe-box (big enough to store a notebook)
  • Bathroom and Shower
  • Courtesy Kit
  • Brass Lock
  • Swahili Sofa
  • Lamp Niche
  • TV set with Youtube and Netflix
  • Mosquito net on every bed


The Tower rooms at The Charming Lonno Lodge range from the cozy 42 square meter Deluxe room, to the huge 72 square meters Top Tower Room with private and exclusive roof-top terrace. Staying in the Tower Rooms you will never ever miss the ocean view and the sea breeze, they are just in front of you. Every Tower room can accommodate 2 guests plus a baby coat.

The Charming Lonno Lodge
The Charming Lonno Lodge

Tower rooms at The Charming Lonno Lodge are categorized as Deluxe Room and Top Tower room.


The Historical Suites at The Charming Lonno Lodge have one bedroom or Family Suite with 2 bedrooms, from 90 up to 133 square meters. Each room is built and decorated to a feel of being at home, the suites also have patio and terraces facing the ocean except the GrandSuite which is more secluded and facing the mature tropical garden.

Bedrooms and bathroom in the Historical Suites are on the first floor, living room is on the ground floor overlooking the natural garden, amid a cozy patio and frangipani’s fragrances.

The Historical Suites at The Charming Lonno Lodge can accommodate from 2 to 5 guests plus a baby coat.

The Historical Suites are categorized as Junior Suite, Suite, Grand Suite and Family Suite.



The Charming Lonno Lodge serves a mouthwatering cuisine comprised of international, vegetarian, Swahili, Gluten-Free, Kenya and Italian Cuisine.  The restaurant at the lodge is very small and more importantly is reserved to only guests of the lodge. This means the restaurant will never be crowded and that every guest will get proper attention, not only for the service but for the menu as well.

Specific dietary needs from allergies to vegetarians, from gluten – free meals to vegan diets but in any case our chefs will prepare wonderful lunches and dinners with local fresh ingredients for both local Kenyan dishes and international cuisine.

At The Charming Lonno Lodge you are not limited to a standard menu, at the restaurant dishes are part of the daily cooking because they are simply yummy and tasty. Suggestions of dishes from the Swahili tradition can be made and guests are free to submit in their requests, your needs or simply preferences.

In the evening, you are offered the possibility of choosing from the following day.


  • Starter
  • Single Course
  • Fruit
  • Coffee


  • Starter
  • First Course
  • Main Course
  • Fruit
  • Coffee


  • Starter
  • First Course
  • Main Course
  • Dessert or Fruit
  • Coffee

Prices for meals at The Charming Lonno Lodge always include service at the table, bread and coffee, however the price does not include water, soft drinks, wines and alcoholic beverages.

The Charming Lonno Lodge
The Charming Lonno Lodge


Cocktail Bar at The Charming Lonno Lodge watamu is located beside the restaurant and swimming poor with its infinity edge facing the Indian Ocean, the bar is always available for a drink or a snack.  Cocktails derved at The Charming Lonno Lodge include

  • Americano – Martini red, Campari, Lemon peel and Soda water
  • Manhattan – Whiskey, dry Martini, Angostura and lemon peel
  • Caipirina – Kenya Cane, Lemon, Sugar, Crushed ice
  • Gin Tonic – Lemon, Gin, Soda water
  • Spritz – Campari, Sparkling Wine, Soda water, Ice
  • Tequila Sunrise – Orange Juice, Tequila, Ice
  • Mojito – Rum, lime juice, mint, soda water, Ice
  • Dawa – Vodka, honey, lemon, crashed ice
  • Bloody Mary – Vodka, tomato juice, Tabasco, salt and pepper

Swimming pool

Swimming pool at The Charming Lonno Lodge is situated right at the center adjacent the restaurant and with its infinity edge facing the Indian Ocean, with almost 200,000 litres of water, its surface is amplified by the absence of corners and by the harmony of its curving lines. The swimming pool is never crowded and it has plenty of comfortable lounge chairs available.

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