Blog/ information. Masai Mara national reserve is the epitome of tourism in Kenya safari / Kenya tours. Masai Mara has always been hot spot for all Kenya safari be it luxury Kenya safari, Kenya budget safari and Kenya moderate tours. The reserve is blessed with sprawling wildlife species, talk of the big five, several birds’ species name it and masai mara will avail it . Mara is also filled with features such as rivers , hills that give a ascertain kind of uniqueness on top of hosting one apparently the world’s largest wildlife annual exodus dubbed the annual wildebeest migration, which sees over a million wildebeests along with zebras and elands leave Tanzania’s Serengeti national park and crossing to Masai Mara through the great Mara river . The wildebeest migration has increasingly attracted more visitors to Masai Masai Mara on Kenya safari thank any other attraction in Kenya .
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