7 Epic Things to do in Diani Beach

7 Epic Things to do in Diani Beach : When travelers think of Kenya as a safari / travel destination, the first thing that come in their minds is the Great Migration, Giraffe Manor and the famous Maasai Tribe. However has countless attractions and destinations to explore and among these is the incredible coastline which is Kenya’s best Kept secret and a fascinating destination for tourists seeking to get a tropical experience.

Diani Beach is one of the top travel destinations in the Kenya coastline and it is found in the Southern Coastline, this beautiful beach has crystal white sand beach framed by Palm trees and crystal clear turquoise water that laps at its shores. Diani Beach is a magical land filled with vibrant shades of blue, camel strolling along the beach and the ocean with perfect temperatures.

At Diani Beach there is plenty of things to do even for budget travelers and here is everything you need to know when planning a Kenya trip to Diani Beach including the 7 Best things to do in Diani Beach.


Diani beach armed with crystal clear waters, beautiful coral reeds and gorgeous beachfront hotels, there are various thrilling and memorable activities to do as listed below

Feeding the Bush babies

During your visit Diani Beach, you can visit and feed the bush babies at the Stilts Backpackers, while in the presence of the bush babies, the owner of the backpackers explains the history of the site and their conservation efforts in the area, then you leave the bananas for the babies. The bush babies come out of the jungle on their own accord as they do not depend on the backpackers for food, however the food given out by the backpackers is controlled, 7 Epic Things to do in Diani Beach.

7 Epic Things to do in Diani Beach
Feeding the Bush babies

You can also take pictures of the bush babies, however flash photography is not allowed and neither is touching the bush babies.

Colobus conservation

If you are interested in colobus monkeys, visiting the colobus conservation is the best site to visit while in Diani. It is a 15 minutes’ walk into the forest and during the walk, you will enjoy tree swaying in the wind and the beautiful colobus monkeys. You will also learn a lot of interesting facts about colobus monkey, the threats they face while in the forests and different flora species found in the area.

Stand-up Paddle boarding

The obsession which comes with stand-up paddle boarding is hard to avoid, Diani Beach’s conditions are excellent for beginners and people who do not have a strong core.

The waves in Diani are gentle, the views of the coastline are incredible and the water is so clear to see fish swimming underneath you as you paddle. If you have never done paddling before, you can take an hour – long lesson at H20 Extreme.

At Diani Beach there is a shop that rents out kayaks and jet skis, you can also do kite surfing and windsurfing lessons as well.

Note: carry a water proof pouch for your phone and locker Kenya

Visit Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest

The Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest is famous home to the Digos, a tribe that was kicked out Somalia and Northern Kenya and they ended up settling in the forests along the Kenya’s Southern Coast.

Though small in size, this forest remains a rewarding destination to visit, the local tribe people in this forests have started forest walks as an eco-tourism project.

During the forest walks, you will have a guide, a member of the Digo tribe who will take you through the forest. You will learn about the history of the Digo people, their culture, traditions and reasons to why Kaya Kinondo forest is a sacred place for the Digo tribe.

7 Epic Things to do in Diani Beach
Visit Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest

 Kaya Kinondo Forest is situated in a 30 minutes drive from Diani Beach

Visit Kisite Marine Park

Kisite Marine Park is ranked as one of the best snorkeling destinations in the world offering a chance to encounter migrating Humpback whales, Turtles, eels, manta rays and spinner dolphins between August and October.

Visit Shimba Hills National Reserve

Shimba Hills national reserve is a best site to visit if you are interested in wildlife during your trip to Diani Beach, the park si a home to more than 700 elephants, leopards, waterbucks and giraffes. A tour in Shimba Hills national reserve offers you a chance to do game viewing and hike to the beautiful Sheldrick Falls.


There several ways to get to Diani Beach from Nairobi City where most safaris start from that is by flying and using the train.

  • The best way to get to Diani Beach from Nairobi city is by flying directly from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport to Ukunda Airstrip, in case there are no flight s available from Wilson, you can fly from Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to Mombasa, then take a taxi or hire a vehicle to Diani Beach.

Train is another option to get to Diani Beach (Mombasa) from Nairobi city, this is the best option for budget travelers, and however travel time will be much longer, 7 Epic Things to do in Diani Beach.


At Diani Beach there are a wide range of hotels, beach resorts and cottages dotted along the beach front and around the beach these accommodations include

  • stilts backpackers
  • jacaranda Indian Ocean Beach
  • the Maji Beach Boutique Hotel
  • Pinewood Beach Resort and Spa
  • The Sands at Nomad
  • Waterlovers Beach Resort
  • Diani Reef Beach resort and Spa
  • Baobab Beach Resort and Spa
  • Dinai Sea Lodge
  • Papillion Lagoon Reef Hotel
  • Diani Sea Resort among others


At Diani Beach there are several places where you can sit and enjoy a delicious meal, these include

Ali Barbour’s Cave

Ali Barbour’s Cave offers an exceptional dining experience, Ali Barbour’s cave is situated inside an actual cave and there is an incredible ambience that sets the evening off on the right plate of food. For vegan travelers, the menu at Ali Barbour’s cave will not disappoint you as there is more than one option to choose from, the restaurant has an excellent wine menu.

The Sands at Nomad Hotel

The Sands at Nomad Hotel at Nomad Hotel is one of the perfect spots at Diani Beach to enjoy your meals, the restaurant is situated at Nomad Hotel and is a fantastic spot for sundowners.

The Sands at Nomad Hotel is highly recommended for travelers wishing to try out vegetarian curry, the restaurant also boasts a robust cocktail men. There is also the restaurant’s signature drink that is mojitos and Dawa cocktails which are worth trying, 7 Epic Things to do in Diani Beach.

7 Epic Things to do in Diani Beach
The Sands at Nomad Hotel


The easiest way to get around Diani Beach is by using a tuk – tuk or an uber, if you have a local sim card, you can request a ride as soon as you land at the Ukunda Airstrip. For short trips around town, you can take a tuk tuk. You can also take a normal metered tax to your hotel.

If you do not wish to go through the struggle of using local transportation, you can use a tour operator’s private vehicle which will be available for your pick up, hotel transfer and while you want to explore the town.

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