8 Places to Learn Kenya’s Culture in Nairobi


8 Places to Learn Kenya’s Culture in Nairobi : Nairobi is not only the capital of Kenya but a very rewarding tourist destination with many to offer to various individual’s interests. Nairobi city is one of the great places in Kenya to visit if you are seeking to learn more about the beautiful culture of Kenya.

This article is prepared purposely to give a more insight on the top 8 places to learn Kenya’s culture in Nairobi and what to expect.

  1. Nairobi Railway Museum

Railway Museum also called the Nairobi Railway Museum is a cultural site in Nairobi city located on Station Road, 00200 Nairobi Kenya adjacent to Nairobi Railway station. This Railway Museum was established in 1971 by East African Railways, the museum contains exhibits from the defunct East African Railways.

The construction of the so – called “lunatic line” or Uganda railway began in 1896 from Mombasa on the Kenyan Coast and finally reached Kisumu on the eastern shore of Lake Victoria in 1901.

The Nairobi Railway Museum is dedicated to the history of Kenya’s rail network, in the museum you will find intriguing jumble of artifacts and a variety of exhibits and ephemera that illustrate the construction and running of the railway.  There are models of railway engines that once operated on the line, photographs of the railway throughout its history and a varied selection of other oddities including a motorized railway bicycle.

The Museum’s collection including early diesel locomotives and passenger coaches were called in assistance of Friends of the Railway Museum East Africa, the organization encompasses of Railway and Locomotive enthusiasts.

Visiting The Nairobi Railway Museum provides you an insight in the history of the Kenya – Uganda railway line built by the British colonial government in East Africa between 1895 and 1901. This railway and its workers earn a reputation as the Man-eaters of Tsavo.

8 Places to Learn Kenya's Culture in Nairobi
Nairobi Railway Museum
  1. Kenya National Archives

Kenya National Archives also known as Kenya National Archives and Documentation Services (KNADS) is a host for Kenya’s history situated at the edge of the Central Business District in downtown Nairobi along Moi Avenue next to Ambassadeur Hotel.

Kenya National Archives looks out on the Hilton Hotel while on the rear side is Tom Mboya Street. Kenya National Archives was established by an Act of the Parliament of Kenya in 1965 and was placed under the office of the Vice President and the Minister of Home Affairs.

Kenya National Archives has 40,000 volumes worth of information categorized according to your particular interest. The Archives also houses Murumbi Gallery situated at the ground floor of the building and was named after Joseph Murumbi who was the second vice president of Kenya.

Murumbi Gallery is currently the largest Pan-African art gallery in Africa and it hosts ancient art collections from different regions and communities of Africa.

  1. Kuona Trust Art Center

Kuona Trust Art Center is a home for visual artists in Kenya, the center shares a commitment to raising the awareness and understanding of contemporary art and celebrating diverse cultures  and viewpoints through its residency, exhibition and education programs.

8 Places to Learn Kenya's Culture in Nairobi

Visiting Kuona Trust Art Center offers visitors an opportunity for views various great forms of art and purchase them at a good price.

  1. Banana Hill Art Gallery

Banana Hill Art Gallery is a home to contemporary art in Nairobi featuring artists from the region, the gallery showcases contemporary art pieces from various artists such as

  • Wanyu Brush
  • Yilga Robert
  • Stephen Njenga
  • Shine Tani
  • Salum Kambi
  • Sebastian Kiarie
  • Robio Ntila
  • Ron Ogwang
  • Peter Kibunja
  • Rahab Shine among others.

Banana Hill Art Gallery’s artwork is a bit pricey but the quality of work is worth every penny. The gallery is surrounded by tea farms providing amazing views.

  1. Wasps and Sprouts

Wasps and Sprouts is a family run business found in Loresho, Kenya in Nairobi, the business is a popular spot for hand man African products. Visiting this spot provides visitors with an opportunity to view various beautiful art pieces and purchase them, though the price may see high but they are worth your time and money.

8 Places to Learn Kenya's Culture in Nairobi
Wasps and Sprouts
  1. Mamba Village

Mamba Village also known as Nairobi Mamba Village is a reptile haven and a popular tourist attraction in Kenya for both residents and non residents located in the Up market Nyali.

Mamba Village is 30 acres of land featuring a crocodile farm with over 70 reptiles, the farm also hosts ostriches which you can feed.

  1. Kioko Mwitiki Art Gallery

Kioko Mwitiki Art Gallery is named after its founder Kioko, he uses waste recycled metal to make wildlife sculptures. Kioko is an internationally acclaimed artist who has been featured on CNN TIME MAGAZINE. Kioko Mwitiki is among the top 35 world renowned wildlife artists, because of his work that is recycling efforts, he has received numerous awards including the M-NET AFRICA AWARD and special recognition by the United Nations Environmental program.

Kioko Mwitiki Art Gallery is located at James Gichuru, Nairobi, the gallery is a famous spot in Kenya and Nairobi to visit during a safari trip.

Kioko Mwitiki Art Gallery often hosts many artists to exhibit in his space.

  1. African Heritage House

Africa Heritage House is one of the most photographed houses in Africa and a perfect place to visit in Kenya’s Nairobi city to learn. The African Heritage House is well known for being home to many cultures, the house hosts unique wide range of African Art Collection. The house was designed by Alan Donovan and it was built purposely to preserve forgotten architectural designs of the African continent.

African Heritage House is situation facing the Nairobi national park, because the ideal location travelers can easily visit the house on a day tour, for lunch, dinners, ebents, conferences and overnight stays.

 African Heritage House is a national monument in Kenya, classified and gazetted under the National Museums and Heritage Act in 2016.

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