A Wild Taste Of Kenya Safari Dining In East Africa

A Wild Taste Of Kenya Safari Dining In East Africa

A Wild Taste Of Kenya Safari Dining In East Africa : Food becomes more than just a source of nourishment when travelling. It’s a memorable safari experience that you should record. Meals are a vital component of celebrations, holidays, and family-gatherings and a safari in Kenya is similarly important. There are a few superior methods to spend time with your loved ones, as well as make new connections and friends, than by sharing a meal. For this reason, we think that excellent meals should always accompany a great safari. Continue reading this article to know more about a wild taste of Kenya safari dining in East Africa.

Travellers are always drawn to Kenya because of its untamed and ethereal atmosphere. Kenya, which is well-known for being among the greatest safari locations in Africa, is home to an abundance of wildlife and unspoiled environment in addition to stunning and unforgettable dining experiences.

In order to take visitors on a gastronomic adventure where they may enjoy Kenya’s rich and flavorful culinary diversity, interpreted with fresh, modern twists, several of the best safari lodges have upgraded their dining experiences. Given the isolated areas in which many of these facilities are situated, this is no small accomplishment. Seek out resorts that source their produce ethically and support local farmers and artisans for the most authentic dining safari experience.

Savor the flavors of Kenya while surrounded by the untamed splendor of East Africa with these culinary safari treats, which range from traditional meals to five-star dining.

Bountiful bush breakfast.

Every gastronomic adventurer’s wish list should include having breakfast in the bush. Dining al fresco while taking in the stunning views of the Maasai Mara national reserve is one of those bizarre pinch-me experiences that you won’t soon forget. After an early wake-up call, you are transported to your bush breakfast, which is already set up in a picturesque location where you can watch the sun rise and enjoy the magical early morning hours while sipping a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

While the chef creates a warm buffet breakfast in front of you, you can occupy yourself with a variety of freshly prepared and in-season continental breakfast delicacies. It’s an adventure in and of itself to see this amazing demonstration of distant bush cooking. In the centre of large, remote wilderness areas, the chefs and their staff employ inventive and ingenious techniques to provide healthy meals that rival those seen in fine restaurants.

The menu has a variety of regional Kenyan specialties, such as Mandazi, a dough that is deep-fried and resembles doughnuts, though the flavor varies based on the ingredients used. Similar to Mandazi, mahamri is also a staple for breakfast, but it’s hollow and is typically used to serve mbaazi (pigeon peas) with coconut milk. Another delectable breakfast option to try is vibibi, which are fluffy, sweet pancakes made primarily of rice and coconut that are particularly well-liked in coastal areas.

A Wild Taste Of Kenya Safari Dining In East Africa
Bountiful bush breakfast

Lazy Lunches.

When on safari, lunch is a typically lazy time of day. Because of the early mornings and late evenings, you’ll probably want to relax by midday and maybe even take an afternoon nap. You may anticipate multi-course meals, which are typically put out on sundecks, pool pavilions, or someplace in camp where you can take in the vistas and sunshine, before the afternoon slowly gets into the evening.

Another well-liked choice for those wishing to eat lunch outside the camp is a bush picnic. In addition to being catered to by committed professionals, this activity offers a feeling of “rustic glamour” where you may dip into a selection of snacks pre-packed into picnic baskets.

This immersive experience, which comes with a guide, gives you the chance to hear firsthand from seasoned hunter-gatherers about the natural and wild food sources found in the Maasai Mara national reserve as well as the medicinal qualities of the local flora.

The chef will arrange a tasting experience for you to enjoy after you return to camp with your seasonal abundance (which may include delicacies like wild asparagus, edible flowers, and berries). This will be a satisfying highlight after an illuminating and instructive trip.

For people who wish to experience Kenya as authentically as possible, this kind of “conservancy-to-cuisine” is the safari counterpart of “farm-to-fork.”


It would be a mistake to discuss great dining experiences in Kenya without including sundowners, as this is arguably the most iconic safari meal. One thing you can always rely on after an exhilarating day of exploring and watching games is a sundowner cocktail.

Enjoyed from the comforts of camp or from a picturesque vantage point on an afternoon game drive, sundowners mark the end of another amazing day in the wild and the beginning of the evening. While a classic G&T may be the preferred option, now is a good time to try some of the regional classics as well. For instance, Kenya’s de facto signature sundowner cocktail is the Dawa, which is made with Absolut Vodka, lime, and honey and is a must-have when going on safari.

Kenya offers a wild gastronomic trip that your taste buds won’t soon forget, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or cocktails.

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