Accommodation in Tarangire National Park

Accommodation in Tarangire National Park : Do you need a place to stay when visiting Tanzania? In Tarangire National Park, there are many hotels to choose from that can accommodate all of your needs. You can be certain to find incredible discounts on any kind of hotel you could possibly choose. By making reservations at any lodging in Tarangire National Park, your tour operators can help you save time and money. The location of hotels in the Tarangire Park neighbourhood can be found on a map using additional attributes. It is actually simpler to book a guest’s reservation at a hotel in Tarangire Park through your tour operator. Even when you wish to remain on a tight budget, it’s easy; you can use our site to look for your ideal lodging. You may view the best deals on the various hotel rooms in Tarangire National Park by inputting your travel dates.

Your lodging’s amenities will vary depending on the kind of establishment you choose to stay at. Expect opulent amenities like free WiFi, a pool, a fully stocked bar, outdoor dining, a library, and TV at the establishments; some of them also include handicapped accessibility and family-friendly services. On the other hand, you can expect basic amenities in the low-cost facilities. The communal area is where guests congregate in the evenings after their day’s activities to tell tales of their safari day while they enjoy a great drink and the blazing campfires. Eat either outside or inside a cosy dining tent (the choice depends on the weather). Numerous Tarangire safari activities, including wildlife drives, walking safaris, and fly camping, are organised by most camps. You are suggested to make reservations in advance, especially if you plan to participate in the trekking and fly camping. If you are not keeping on the game package, you might have to pay more.

Types of accommodations

There are several safari hotels and tented camps available for your Tarangire park vacation lodging, both inside the park and in the areas outside. Enjoy a great deal of affordable prices for your comfortable stay while here with a list of these lodging options and a practical map. With a variety of lodging options, including affordable, mid-range, and luxurious lodges and luxury tented camps, you may find a somewhere to stay regardless of your budget. There are sizable lodges with stunning park views that are situated in unquestionably great locations. For instance, the Tarangire Safari Lodge offers unobstructed views of the wildlife along the river banks, especially during the appropriate season. It is perched high on a cliff and overlooks the powerful Tarangire River. It is extremely close, just inside the park gate, at a distance of around 10 kilometres, and it consists of thatched bungalows or tightly spaced tents that can serve as your ideal lodging.

Luxury accommodations

The park offers a variety of exquisite luxury alternatives ideal for tourists looking to experience some safari luxury, excellent comfort, and the possibility of camping. The top luxury facilities in Tangerine are listed below.

Nimali Tarangire

Visitors can enjoy an unrestricted safari experience at this permanent tented Lodge, which is situated within a private reserve along the northern border of the Tarangire National Park. Walking safaris and night game drives, which aren’t permitted in other northern Tanzanian national parks, are just a few of the varied activities you can take part in while staying here. It features 6 exquisite, luxury equipped tented chambers, each with a sizable private veranda from which visitors may take in panoramic views of the surroundings.

Sanctuary Swala Camp

The Sanctuary Swala Camp was created under the shelter of enormous acacia trees and offers unobstructed views over the nearby wide Savannah region. It is situated in one of the most remote parts of this National Park. It has 12 opulent canvas tent rooms with king-sized mattresses, plush sofas, and private bathrooms. Each accommodation has unlimited Wi-Fi, a fully stocked bar where guests may sip cocktails, and is actually a true haven of luxury in Tanzania’s bush. There is a pool, a campfire pit, and a sizable terrace where visitors may see various wildlife from the comfort of their rooms.

Sanctuary Swala Camp

Tarangire Treetop Hotel

It is situated in a private reserve that borders both Tarangire National area and the nearby Maasai Steps, making it the most well-known luxury resort in the entire area. On a clear day, these accommodations provide some of the largest safari rooms in the nation, built around enormous baobab trees with views of Lake Manyara, the rift valley wall, and Mount Kilimanjaro. It features 20 private tree houses, each with a large balcony, modern furnishings made of natural materials, and an en suite bathroom with a double shower that runs both hot and cold water. A well-stocked bar, a spotless pool and an excellent restaurant are among the extras. You can engage in Maasai culture village tours, outdoor hikes, and nocturnal game drives, among other things, from this location.

Midrange accommodations

As indicated below, they are a part of mid-range facilities in and near Tarangire National Park.

Tarangire Sopa lodge

Tarangire sopa lodge with over 75 rooms and amenities like Wi-Fi, a swimming pool, and a fine restaurant, Tarangire Sopa Lodge is more of a leisure-oriented lodging option. It is unique in that it is one of the few lodging options found within the National Park’s boundaries, making it a good choice for tourists travelling with families as it can accommodate kids.

Maramboi Tented Camp

This facility, which has 38 rooms, is a component of the renowned Tanganyika wilderness camps, similar to the Serengeti’s kati Kati. The rooms are constructed on own terraces and feature en-suite bathrooms as well as extras like a bonfire and a sizable pool. Game drives in Tarangire National Park and the nearby Lake Manyara National Park are just a few of the things that can be enjoyed here.

Sangaiwe Tented Lodge

This facility offers views of Lake Burunge and is close to the recently opened Sunday entry park. Its 13 tents, which are each fitted with a specialised dick and a writing desk and chair as well as an in-suite bathroom, are built on raised wooden platforms and each offers stunning views and sundowners.

Budget accommodations

There aren’t many affordable options for accommodations in and around Tarangire National Park, but because of its location, travellers on a tight budget can choose to stay the night in Arusha town or Karatu at places like Mc-Elly’s Hotel, Planet Lodge, or Mrimba Palm Hotel in Arusha, or the Country Lodge in Karatu. However, visitors on a tight budget might always choose to camp in the campground situated within the Park.

Whistling Thorn Tented Camp

In the Tarangire region, this is the only place to find budget lodging. It provides 6 large, permanent canvas tents with grass thatching that may hold up to 15 people per night. The place where guests eat is in a shared eating area.

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