Activities in Shimba Hills National Reserve

Activities in Shimba Hills National Reserve : Shimba hills National reserve is located in Kwale country of Kenya in a coastal rain forest and it is situated in a distance of about 33 kilometers from Mombasa and about 15 kilometers from the coast. This national reserve is famously known to be the former coast province. More so, this national park is a good destination to travel to while on your adventurous Kenya safari because it is surrounded with over 50% of the plant biodiversity which make up 159 different rare plant species that are commonly seen around the simba hills it is also covered with savannah woodlands and grasslands which all act as good natural habitats to many wildlife species for example this national reserve has around 500 elephants, sable antelopes among others and many bird species. more so, Shimba hills national reserve has around so many tourists attractions which lead many people to travel from many parts of the world to see the following; the sheldrick water falls which are noted to fall at about 21 meters and these waterfalls are being surrounded with a beautiful greenery and physical features like; sheldrick water falls, Mwaluganje forest, Mwarere dam which has a watering hole that tourists can be able to spot many animals while they drink water to quench off their thirst and it is a home to wildlife species which are always available for tourists to see and some of these include; elephants, giraffes, leopards, bush pig, sable Antelope, leopards, waterbucks, civet cat, gents, sable antelopes, bush bucks, coastal black and primate species like; bush duikers, monkeys, greater galago, red duikers, black-faced vervet, Sykes monkey, serval cat, black and red shrew, knob and many others.

Things to do in Shimba Hills National Reserve.

Exploring around Shimba hills national reserve always blesses tourists with great opportunities to engage in so many interesting activities, which include the following below;

  1. Game Drives.

Shimba hills national park is well known to be a home to a rich diversity of wildlife species and the best way to see these species in large numbers is to embark onto game drives which are usually done in different sessions such as; in the morning which is considered to be the best time due to the fact that animals always seem more active as they coming out of their hide outs, afternoon and in the evening. And some of these species include; leopards, giraffes, elephants, antelopes, warthogs, hartebeests, lions, waterbucks, oribis, giraffes, buffalos, Uganda kob, Uganda kobs, hyenas and primate species; olive baboons, vervet monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys.

Bird watching.

Shimba Hills national park is also considered a bird watchers paradise because it has over 111 bird species, which include both the rare and endangered species, and touring around this game park one can spend time hours observing and capturing the vibrant and avian life with the park. and some of these birds include; Abyssinian ground hornbill, black-headed lapwing, malachite king fisher, yellow fronted tinker bird, long tailed night jar, long toed lapwing, black billed barbet, giant king fisher, blue headed coucal, swamp flycatcher, standard winged night jar, white browed sparrow weaver, silver bird, Eastern plantain-eater and many others.

And part from the above mentioned activities, there are more things that tourists can do while exploring through different parts of the park and some of other things include; picknicking, camping which is a massive experience as individuals camp under the starry sky while they wake up to beautiful sounds of the birds singing in the sky, guided nature walks where tourists are always accompanied with park guides who have good knowledge and are familiar with many trails in the park therefore, they lead tourists through different trails as they are gives individuals chances to answer any questions of anything they would love to understand better. More so, these guided nature walks help tourists to be close to wonderful nature of the park. individuals can also opt to on boat cruises, community visits where they tour around the neighbouring communities and cultural encounters where they get to interact with the local people and get to learn more about their history, culture, customs and observe their daily lifestyle and many others.

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