Activities To Do At Lugard Falls In Tsavo East National Park

Activities To Do At Lugard Falls In Tsavo East National Park : Lugard falls is spectacular feature located on the prettiest stretches along the Galana River of the southern Kenya inside Tsavo east national park. This is the magical where you can even spot and view the Yatta plateau in its right position. Kenya safari offers you the opportunity of sighting the attractive Lugard falls at the same time in the park that where you get to participate in different safari activities that are done around the falls. Your Kenya safari a wonderful landscape of water-sculpted channels and the striated rocks.

Activities to do at Lugard falls in Tsavo East National Park.

Wildlife safaris.

Travelers who come to explore Lugard falls get themselves the safari opportunity of spotting the diverse numbers of the animal species. This is where they get to watch the incredible animal species that includes lions, zebras, hippopotamuses, cheetahs, giraffes, African elephants, hyenas and among others. Infact Lugard falls acts as a good spotting area for the diverse numbers of the animal species during a safari in Tsavo East National Park.

Bird watching.

Lugard falls is the perfect destination for the bird lovers. That is the place is recognized as the destination where the tourists can have the chance of spotting the country’s unique and the beautiful bird species including the lovebirds, sacred ibis, Slender-tailed nightjar, Somali bee-eater, Rufous chatterer, black-headed lapwing, crowned crane and among others. At Lugard falls due to the fact that the falls are set on the flat destination in the dry plains of the Tsavo East national park it gives tourists the best sighting ever where they get to watch the different bird species.

Guided nature walks.

Travelers experience the guided nature walks that is the best way to encounter the various wildlife that are present in the location, this is where the travelers together with the park guides and rangers experience the park premises on foot. As the park rangers protects the travelers from being attacked by the dangerous animal species like the lions, hyenas and others at Lugard falls. Nature walks exposes the tourists to the cool nature breeze of Lugard falls that is where the travelers get their natural sight of the sparkling of the waterfall in the deep chasms and its incredible boundaries. And this is the moment you get to spot the different wildlife across like animal species including the crocodiles, hippos and others without forgetting the bird species and the unique vegetation around the waterfall.

Camping safaris.

For the nature lovers camping safaris is the best way to experience the nature of Lugard falls while in the middle of the wilderness. Travelers are offered with the Galessa camp is located next upstream from the Lugard waterfalls and it can be opened every time. In this location the climate is though hot and dry but with the impressive cool breezes from the Lugard fall come along during the night that gives you accompament during your night.

Activities To Do At Lugard Falls In Tsavo East National Park
Galessa camp

Hiking safaris.

Hiking safaris is a wonderful safari moment to the travelers where hiking starts from Lugard. Where you start walking taking the clockwise where you get to have unique viewings of the peak Tower and your hiking safari takes about 40 minutes. While following and using different hiking trails around the peak, and here gentle walking is better than hiking. The destination is friendly located in the flat location for even the young children can manage to hike it, this activity offers you the best safari moments where even you come across different local people and other features.

Plan your Kenya safari and visit the Lugard falls that are such impressive and hence can be visited at any time of the year which makes your safari the most enjoyable one and colorful one.

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