Climbing Mount Kenya

Adventuring Mount Kenya

Adventuring Mount Kenya : Mount Kenya is the excellent safari destination that offers the travelers on a Kenya safari with the amazing hiking safari, through adventuring. Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa this is the best safari destination even for the new beginners where it is accessible to the non-technical hiker. Adventuring Mount Kenya offers the best safari experience through hiking this is where the tourists get to spot the beautiful and natural spectacular pristine wilderness that clings to it is a wonder in itself and its where tourists get to explore the rare animal species and the endemic plants that makes adventuring Mount Kenya the most rewarding one.

While adventuring Mount Kenya, as well the tourists can explore Mount Kenya National Park and Reserve as this is the exceptional with its endless spotting of the nature wonders like the park’s beauty and the beautiful features inspiring peaks that are blanketed in unusual equatorial snow. Mount Kenya national park and reserve is Kenya’s wildlife inspiration that offers the tourists with the diverse numbers of the wildlife that is located in the park including the bird species and the animal species hence giving the tourists with the incredible spotting of the wildlife in the park.

Mount Kenya national park and reserve is very rewarding to the tourists especially at the mountain slopes are such thick with the lush rainforests that are such serene and offers the tourists adventuring with the unique environmental atmosphere making the climbers as well get the best safari moments to discover an exciting range of scenery and the wildlife habitats. The park is such grateful to the tourists where they get to spot the gorgeous park attractions that makes them to view the gorgeous mountain moorlands, rivers, lakes, mineral springs, glaciers that are the major highlight of the park thus making the park to be highly explored on a Kenya safari.

Mount Kenya national park and reserve is a leading and a top safari destination on a Kenya safari where it’s the UNESCO World Heritage Site and Biosphere reserve. The park covers an area of over 700 square kilometers, the park includes the peaks and any land above the certain height. Though Mount Kenya national park is surrounded by Mount Kenya, makes the park the biggest one in size through adding more than 2000 square kilometers in the range hence making the destination to be the most attractive one hence best explored.

Climbing/Hiking safari of Mount Kenya.

Adventuring Mount Kenya, is done through hiking and climbing to reach the park’s two main peaks that is Bation and Nelion.This takes the tourists through using the smaller peak to reach the peak of the mountain that includes the Lenana that takes travelers 3 to 5 days to reach the summit as this can be reached through without using the technical climbing. As this is the far the most popular option.

Mount Kenya has got the different number of the walking routes up the mountain which all lead to the circular path around the main peaks, as one of the walking routes includes the Chongoria, Sirimon, Naro Moru and among others. After reaching the Bation and Nelion this offers tourists the best Kenya safari hiking moments, though Nelion is the most climbed one though those offers tourists with the best moments while adventuring Mount Kenya.

Climbing Mount Kenya
Climbing Mount Kenya

How to trek Mount Kenya. (The treks)

Adventuring Mount Kenya through hiking and climbing requires when the travelers is fit for the long trek, as this is requires when you should be able to walk between 6 and 8 hours, where you go with the experienced mountain guide as this is compulsory. As this requires one to walk at a low and slow, easy pace and well be hydrated that makes you not miss out the hiking.

It’s more rewardable to plan an extra day to explore the Peak Circuit Path while staying at Shipton’s camp that has the magnificent of the views of the main peaks. Where the night before you go to the summit Lenana is near, where you need to rise long before dawn with the safari highlight the sun rising over the plains near approaching the peak.

You will as well encounter the diverse wildlife with animal species like the buffalos, rhinos, elephants, antelopes then on the lower slopes you sight the hyrax, duiker, leopard and others without forgetting the bird species like the sunbirds, chats, Verreaux and others.


Non-trekkers can chill in the invigorating highlands, through carrying out walking safaris and game viewing, horseback riding, trout fishing in the park’s clear mountain streams as well as doing cultural safari experiences.

Best time to adventure Mount Kenya.

The best months to climb Mount Kenya are traditionally January to March and June to October but it can be climbed all the year around. These months makes your Kenya safari in Mount Kenya the most incredible one with the everlasting hiking safari experiences.

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