Nairobi National Park – The Ultimate Guide 2022

Adventurous vacation places in Kenya

Adventurous vacation places in Kenya : One of the most popular tourist safari destinations to go on an adventure trip is Kenya. Kenya has an abundance of things to keep you occupied and on your toes. These are various exciting locations in Kenya that you should not miss, as they include;

Maasai Mara National Reserve.

There is no need to introduce the Maasai Mara. For a number of reasons, it is the most well-known game reserve on the planet. Millions of wildebeest go to the Serengeti during the Great Migration, which takes place in two parks. One of the largest Maasai People, a unique and ancestral group in the area, resides in Maasai Mara. In addition, the Maasai boast amazing scenery and unique animals.

Amboseli National Reserve.

A visit to this charming national park is highly recommended just for the view of Mount Kilimanjaro. In addition, a large number of visitors come to see the magnificent elephants in their native environment. In addition, you will witness a variety of bird species, gazelles, and giraffes.

Tsavo National Park.

Kenya’s largest park, Tsavo National Park, is split into two regions. Tsavo East is home to numerous huge species, including elephants, as well as stunning landscapes. Famous for housing crocodiles and hippos, Mzima Springs is located in Tsavo West.

Lake Nakuru National Park.

Beautiful Lake Nakuru National Park. Pelicans are among the many kinds of birds that call the lovely park home. Flamingos live there, but the lake’s current circumstances are unsuitable for them.

Lake Naivasha.

Envision a lake dotted with exquisite pink flamingos. You won’t think the vista is real since it is so bizarre. In addition to pink flamingos, you’ll witness lions, warthogs, and more than 450 other species of birds. Maybe you’ll even see a leopard. Hippos can be found at Lake Nakuru National Park as well.

Lamu Island.

Entering Lamu Island seems similar to stepping into a time machine. The Islamic and Swahili cultures have left their mark on Lamu Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Old Town’s walkway architecture will transport you back to a bygone era. Furthermore, the island offers a plethora of exciting activities. You can take a dhow tour, go scuba diving in the stunning coral reef, or just unwind on the beach.

Adventurous vacation places in Kenya
Lamu Island

Nairobi National Park.

Nairobi’s central park is its heart and soul. It has an impressive array of fauna, and the park is great for family picnics and strolls in the evening. A sight of the black rhino, ostriches, giraffes, and many more exotic animals can be seen.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Elephants and rhinos that are orphaned are saved by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. As to the website, 265 orphaned elephants have been raised by them. You may interact with the elephants and even feed the young ones by going to the nonprofit organization.

Mount Kenya.

The tallest peak in Kenya and the second-highest peak in Africa, behind the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro, is Mount Kenya, a stunning work of nature. The majestic Mount Kenya is a sight to behold. For an unforgettable safari experience, you can also go camping and hike the several base camps.

Hell’s Gate National Park.

Hell’s Gate National Park, which lies close to Nairobi’s capital, is a thrilling and enjoyable safari destination for a single day journey. The park’s stunning rock formations are the result of years of volcanic activity. The Obsidian caves, Fischer Tower, and Hell’s Gate Gorge are all worth seeing. Aside from the breathtaking vista, a variety of species is seen.

Kenya is an excellent safari destination to go on an exciting adventure trip. If you’re interested in learning more about Kenya, do not hesitate contact us at Focus East Africa Tours.

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