Amazing Kenya safari activities Best for family trips

Amazing Kenya safari activities Best for family trips : You won’t find a finer front-row view of one of nature’s greatest shows than this. With Offbeat Safaris’ adventurous mobile riding safari, you can see wildebeest and zebra up close from the comfort of your saddle in Kenya’s renowned Masai Mara. You simply couldn’t replicate the sensation from a vehicle. The speed is quick and thrilling, filled with the sound of thousands of thundering hooves sending up clouds of dust. Definitely, one to make your heart beat faster.

Helicopter Adventure, Ol Malo, Kenya.

 To discover Kenya’s hidden beauties from a completely different angle, take a helicopter ride with Andrew Francombe of Ol Malo and experience the utmost sensation of freedom. Enjoy a lakeside or kopje-top picnic while flying low over herds of elephants, through valleys, and over meandering rivers to get a unique perspective on Kenya safari with your family.

Watching wild dog at Laikipia, Kenya.

Seeing a wild dog in Kenya’s Laikipia travel through Laikipia with wild dogs. You’ll have the chance to interact with these threatened animals, which are among the best hunters in Africa but are sometimes neglected. One of the best spots in Africa to see these uncommon creatures is Laikipia.

At Loisaba, observe the Milky Way as it moves through the night sky until the sun rises over the horizon for nature’s best alarm clock!

Track Black Rhino.

 Utilise a radio tracker to follow an endangered black rhino in the Borana and Lewa Conservancies from Borana Lodge. As you trek into the African wilderness and come face-to-face with the “Big 5” on foot, keep your wits about you.

To compete against Kenya’s top runners in this difficult race that winds through the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, over rolling grasslands, and next to wild animals that are free to wander. The event, which is a true test of both body and mind and is held under the watchful eye of armed park rangers, has since its beginning in 2000 raised US$4.9 million for Tusk and the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. Each year in June, the event is held.

Amazing Kenya safari activities Best for family trips
Lewa conservancy  entry fees

Amazing Kenya safari activities Best for family trips : Quad Bike and Buggies.

Join Jay and Amory MacLeod from Quad Kenya for the once-in-a-lifetime experience as you ride a quad bike or buggy over the rough terrain of Laikipia, exploring off the beaten path where few tourists have gone before.

Amazing Kenya safari activities Best for family trips : Mountain Biking.

 Explore Kenya’s untamed Lakipia region on a mountain bike with Focus East Africa Tours and go wherever your wheels take you. You can choose to continue on a flat path or to ascend a steep slope.  Climb Mount Kenya, one of Africa’s tallest mountains. Observe how the scenery transforms from gentle foothills to angular peaks with your family on a Kenya safari to have the best safari moments.

Amazing Kenya safari activities Best for family trips : Breakfast with Giraffes.

It’s not every day that you get to have your toast with a 4.6-meter-tall giraffe sticking his head in through a window at one of Kenya’s most well-known tourist safari destination. At Giraffe Manor, it’s commonplace.

If you are still in the early stages of planning your safari, we would be happy to assist you. Our staff of specialists has travelled extensively throughout Africa and can provide experienced guidance on every kind of safari, including equestrian and primate safaris in addition to family and beach vacations.  Please contact us by email or phone if you want to speak with someone who has already experienced it at Focus East Africa Tours.

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