Beautiful Accommodations at Maasai Mara National Reserve Kenya

Beautiful Accommodations at Maasai Mara National Reserve Kenya : Accommodations in Maasai Mara National Reserve range from midrange Accommodations , budget Accommodations and Luxury Accommodations

1:  cottar’s 1920s Camp

This is a luxurious camp located on a hillside inside a small private conservancy bordering Maasai Mara  on the south-eastern side if the famous Maasai Mara National Reserve.

The camp is run by Calvin and Louise cottar a family that has always hosted safaris in the Mara in Kenya since way back in the pre- colonial days. Until then to date it is one of the most comfortable  places ,with its Tented feel and the luxurious furnishings. The camp provide both private and communal dining experience giving the guest options to suit their preferences, either a quiet serene environment when they want proper silent environment and those with large groups and a family safari  social environment.

The game concentration at the camp vary ,with the camps most of their game drives extending to the more rewarding official Maasai Mara National Reserve,  which is great for game viewing but at times it is less than some of the private conservancies within the Mara region.

Cottar’s 1920s Camp has family tents and a large swimming pool which makes it perfect for a family safari Mara experience.

The Cottar’s 1920s Camp consist of nine tents ,four doubles / twin ,three family and two honeymoon suites tents .They are all positioned in a central row from the central mess tent along the hillside.  Each tent is surrounded by a wall of grass for its privacy. The rooms are made of permanent tents and are attached with a brick-built plumbed bathroom area and a flush toilet and a overhead shower. All the tents have are spacious ,with writing desk and a front veranda good for relaxation and enjoying the nature .

2. Hemingways Ol seki Mara

It is located in Naboisho conservancy and it borders Maasai Mara National Reserve. It is located in the most strategic location between the private Naboisho conservancy and the Maasai Mara National Reserve. The camp is spacious and comfortable, it is in fact one of the best value safari option in East Africa.

Hemingways Ol seki Mara can accommodate up to 20 guests at a go. It is made up of eight standard tents and a private Simba family tented suite. All the standard tented rooms are built on low wooden platforms and have a small viewing deck to the front of the tents. The tented rooms are made of canvas and have high roofs, inside the room past the sleeping area there is a bathroom, plumbed toilet and shower facilities.

The Simba suite is the most luxurious tented used mostly for honeymoon and family safaris, it has two en suite bedrooms  internally linked by a lounge making it the best for family especially with children.

There is a central area with a dining, a lounge and a library both built in a similar fashion of tents. They are located at the tip of a ridge and has wonderful views ,just below it there is a swimming pool and a sun deck.

3. Richard’s river camp

Richard’s River Camp is located at the banks of the Motorogi River on the Eastern side of Mara North conservancy. It is one of the most luxurious and authentic camps in the Mara conservation area.

Richard’s River Camp  have very comfortable tent but not over the top. The camp offers excellent services, good tasty meals and intimate and personal touch of the nature and explore what the wild has to offer. Guiding at the camp is also excellent with spectacular game viewing experience.

Richard’s River Camp in Mara can accommodate up to 16 guests in its 7 tents . The tents have large furnished veranda and past the bedroom there is a dressing area and a zip that leads to open air bathroom. It is a plumbed shower and a toilet structure within the wooden enclosure and a canvas roof. One of the tents is a family tent with two bedrooms connected internally through a lounge area, this is perfect with families with younger children.

4.Serian The Original

Serian  The Original  is located at the forested  banks of the Mara River and facing Siria escarpment in Mara North conservancy. This is an old school camp that has it culture and priorities being to promote a wonderful safari experience and hospitality over modern luxury.  It is still one of the comfortable accommodation facilities in the Mara region .

Serian has best places to have communal meals within the camp. Every booking at the camp enjoys exclusive use of vehicle and is assigned a private guide which makes it one of the best place to get the value for money services. The camp also offers unlimited walking, night drives, bush meals and opportunity to sleep out in the Nest Treehouse.

The Serian tent has five tents ,which includes two bedroomed family suite. They are marquee-styled tents and are spacious and classy. The bathroom for each tent is located outside and housed within an open fronted stone building. The family suite is two tents linked internally by a lounge and have toilets and outdoor bathroom.

5.Offbeat Mara Camp, Beautiful Accommodations at Maasai Mara National Reserve Kenya

Offbeat Mara is a tented camp located on the bend in the Olare Orok River in the Southern part of Mara North conservancy. It is one of the exclusive places for game viewing along the Olare Orok River and in the nearby plains.

Guiding here is excellent ,the evenings are relaxed and usually social as everyone meets around the camp fire to eat together. It is the best place for people looking for exclusive bush adventure .

Offbeat Mara Camp has seven spacious tents, two of them are suitable for families. The bedrooms at the family suite are inter connected. All the furniture’s inside the tents are made of cedar ,the bed , writing desk, and the wardrobe. The lighting is provided by a solar and the suite have double wash basins and the water is peroxides in large jugs.

Beautiful Accommodations at Maasai Mara National Reserve Kenya
Offbeat Mara Camp

 6. Kicheche Bush camp , Beautiful Accommodations at Maasai Mara National Reserve Kenya

Kicheche bush camp is located at a hill in Olare Motorogi conservancy, close to the border of Maasai Mara Game Reserve. This is one of the best camps for wildlife lovers. The camp has excellent guiding and friendly services. Meals are taken communally at a mess tent but the drinks are taken  together around the camp fire

Kicheche Bush Camp has six identical accommodation tents ,each has a perfect wild view through the light acacia woodlands and across the plains. The tents are far apart for privacy and three from each side of the centrally placed mess. Each tent had a lobby are or a lounge which can be zipped up or left open, the sleeping area is spacious with large gauze windows. The bathrooms have flush toilet with running water and the bathroom has a bucket shower from which water inside provided on request.

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