Best road trips in Kenya

Best road trips in Kenya : Kenya is the ideal destination for a road trip because of its wide-open vistas, enormous national parks, and sleepy towns that provide an insight into local way of life. Driving gives you the opportunity to see Kenya Safari top attractions as well as less-frequented spots and eateries that are off the usual routes, whether you’re driving alone or hiring a driver. It is possible that you may find yourself stopping every few minutes to stop and take pictures or just to take in the scenery when you are driving through the Western Highlands and the Great Rift Valley.

1:From Lake Naivasha to Nairobi and back

Nairobi–Naivasha; 95km (60 miles); allow 1 day

 Top day-trip Kenya safari destination from Nairobi – Naivasha; sixty miles (95 km); take one day This day-long drive offers panoramic views of the Great Rift Valley from locations like Mathore Viewpoint, making it an ideal short road trip from the capital. From this vantage point, you can get a good look at the enormous system of hills and escarpments that makes up one of Kenya’s most breathtaking views: the valley floor divided by a number of active and inactive volcanoes. After leaving Nairobi, go around 50 km (30 miles) and make a stop at the Traveller’s Chapel, also called the Mai Mahiu Church locally.

One of the smallest buildings in the world is this little stone Catholic church that was constructed in 1942 by Italian prisoners of war. Not far from the church, keep an eye out for the vibrant “Welcome to Nakuru County” sign, which is well-known for its distance markers and map of Africa.

2:Head into the Western Highlands to Kisumu

Nairobi–Kisumu; 360km (225 miles); allow 7–10 days

Travelling northwest from Nairobi to Lake Nakuru and then Kisumu is a stunning drive across western Kenya that offers views of the northern Great Rift Valley. The town of Kericho is where the Nairobi–Naivasha Highway runs through; here, you may refuel with food and beverages and get a taste of life away from the capital. Additionally, there are beaches and safari resorts here.

There are a number of tea fields and the Mau Forest near Kericho, which makes for ideal driving terrain with plenty of twisting roads. After arriving at Kisumu on the north-eastern shore of Lake Victoria, take some time to explore the impala sanctuary, stroll around the market, and take in the sunset views.

3:Best road trips in Kenya : From Nairobi to Lake Magadi

Nairobi–Lake Magadi; 112km (70 miles); allow 2 days

Head south to Kenya’s “pink lake,” Lake Magadi, if you don’t want to go too far from Nairobi but would enjoy an exciting ride with a stunning lakeside conclusion. A decent option for lunch is the Nyama Choma restaurant at Olepolos Country Club, which is located approximately one hour’s drive from Nairobi. Nyama choma, which translates to ‘barbecue meat’ in Swahili, is a pleasant place with lovely vistas and hiking trails. While there are many roadside stands selling grilled goat meat, barbecued chicken and crispy maize snacks, Olepolos is a peaceful location with hiking paths.

Proceed towards the soda lake of Lake Magadi, which is inhabited by flamingos and other wading birds, by driving via acacia trees and traditional settlements. Pack a picnic or have lunch at the Tented Camp and Sports Club at Lake Magadi. It’s a great lakefront restaurant that’s especially beautiful at dusk. You can select between cosy cabins and Kenya safari tents if you want to stay the night.

4:Best road trips in Kenya : Get into the great outdoors at Mt Kenya

Nairobi–Mt Kenya National Park; 213km (133 miles); allow 3 days

Travel north out of the capital towards Mt Kenya National Park for hiking, climbing, and wild camping, and watch the landscape change from sprawling urban areas to verdant rural areas. As you pass through Thika, make sure to stop at one of the roadside vendors to buy fresh pineapple from the area. Enjoy an exciting stop at Sagana Camp, which is approximately 60 miles (95 km) from Nairobi, where you may zip line, raft and camp after that. It’s difficult to resist taking a photo at the equator sign, which is a well-liked stop before Mount Kenya, right before you reach Nanyuki town. Explore the products at the craft market, which also features a great coffee shop and a convenience store with snacks, drinks, and ice cream. The town of Nanyuki, which serves as the entrance to Mount Kenya, is vibrant and a great spot to grab some grilled goat meat, corn and other goodies.

5:Best road trips in Kenya : Hit the Nairobi to Mombasa Highway

Nairobi–Mombasa; 490km (305 miles); allow 10 days

You could get to Mombasa by plane or train, but if you’re up for an adventure, see the scenery and fauna of the Amboseli and Tsavo East and West national parks before unwinding on the beaches of the Indian Ocean. Good, primarily double-lane roads connect Nairobi and Mombasa; a fun diversion is Amboseli, which is noted for its breathtaking beauty with Mt. Kilimanjaro as the focal point. Spend a couple nights here to witness herds of elephants. To get to Tsavo’s national park, circle back to the main highway from Amboseli. Ask rangers or workers at Amboseli for the most recent road information. A more direct route leads west to Tsavo West, although this is only an option if it’s dry and there haven’t been any incidents or bad weather. One of Kenya’s biggest parks, Tsavo (East and West combined) is well-known for its untamed topography of hills, craters, and rocky scrubland. Tsavo West and Tsavo East National Park are connected by a route that stretches for around 100 km (62 miles). During your trip, you might see giraffes, elephants, monkeys, and zebras. A portion of the route parallels the railway tracks, so if you happen to time your drive to coincide with a train, you can capture some amazing moments and photos as you pass one another. As you pass through the village of Mtito Andei, which is situated between Tsavo East and West, and the verdant Shimba Hills, you’ll note that the topography has changed to one that is hillier, lusher, and has colder temperatures. Choose between heading north for Kilifi’s bohemian feel, the superb snorkelling at Watamu, or the old-town charm of Malindi, or heading south to the expansive white-sand beaches of Diani and Galu as you approach Mombasa.

Best road trips in Kenya
Diani Beach

6:Best road trips in Kenya : On the road to Lake Turkana

Nairobi–Turkana; 700km (435 miles); allow 6–12 days

Travellers with a sense of adventure should not miss the Lake Turkana National Parks, which offer spectacular arid volcanic landscapes surrounding a salty crater lake teeming with crocodiles, known as the vibrant “Jade Sea” of Lake Turkana, as well as traditional fishing villages and communities. Reaching Samburu National Reserve, 300km (185 miles) away from Nairobi, takes about six hours. Spending the night in a tented camp there allows you to soak in the picturesque riverside scenery. Day two’s journey is shorter (four to five hours) and leads to Marsabit National Park, which is home to an extinct volcano and an unexpected green spot in the middle of the desert. Stay the night at Kalacha, which is four hours from Marsabit and situated on the edge of the Chalbi Desert. Before making the eight-hour journey to Loiyangalani on Lake Turkana’s eastern shoreline, Basic Kalacha Camp is a great place to take in the quiet and desert vistas. The best part is strolling around Lake Turkana’s “Jade Sea,” which is home to migrating birds, hippos, and crocodiles. One of Kenya’s smallest clans, the El Molo tribe, lives in this area as well. They face the waters teeming with crocodiles in order to fish for a living.

7:Best road trips in Kenya : Desert adventures to Samburu

Nanyuki–Samburu; 130km (80 miles); allow 5 days

One of the greatest ways to understand the diversity of Kenya’s landscapes and how they change is to take a road trip to the northern Samburu National Reserve Kenya. There, lush splendour gives way to desert and mountains. In Samburu, you can experience an amazing environment where you won’t see another car for a long time. Make a stop in the hilly village of Isiolo, which is well-known for its sizable market. See the captivating rooftop views of the urban sprawl by visiting the bell chamber of the Catholic Church. Continue up to the Samburu villages near Archers Post or in the direction of Ngurunit, which is northwest of the Samburu reserve and at the foot of Mount Poi. Then, spend a few days in the national park, which is well-known for its “Special Five” species of wildlife: gerenuk, or long-necked antelope, reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra, Somali ostrich, and common beisa oryx.

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