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Best time to visit Lake Nakuru National park

Best time to visit Lake Nakuru National park can be visited throughout the year, but the park can be visited in January, February, March, June, July, August, September and October, which are the driest months of the year, so touring the park is more lucrative end enjoyable.

But January to March and July to December being dry months are best recommendable since the routes are not muddy, for the travelers who could not prefer congestion, the rainy months of late December and January to March could be better of the fact that few tourists do Kenya safaris in this period.

Lake Nakuru National park is considered as a year round trip destination through the best time to visit Lake Nakuru national park is considered mostly by the clients who would wish to experience the flamingos when they are crossing and surrounding the lake Nakuru that happens every time in the park, so the guest every time he or she visits the park will be able to view the flamingos in the park. One should as well consider the dry months of the year like January, February, June, July, August, September and October, these are the dry months in the park, which is a good time to have good view of the big five, where the park has the big four during the game drives in the 4 wheel drive 4×4 vehicles during the game viewing.

Best time to visit Lake Nakuru National park
Rhino in Lake Nakuru

Best time to visit Lake Nakuru national park is determined and subdivided into various seasons the wet and the dry season and this gives the tourists the right   choice to choose according to what favors his or her activity to do in the park, the various suggestions are advised for you to choose according to your preferred activity of your interest in the park.

The festive season, which is also known as Christmas season runs from December to early January, this is one of the riches time in Lake Nakuru and the best time for the clients as they want to relax their minds like it’s the best time when much of the tourists are always in their vacations, so they always need a relaxed moment to view the wildlife in the wilderness in Lake Nakuru national Park.

The best time bet is to plan your flamingo-watching tour of Lake Nakuru National Park is during the months of January and February, though you can still see the flamingo birds in other months of the year. The above said months attract a large number of people into the park who come to have a look at the flamingo birds and thus you might be crowned at the lake shore to see the flamingos, as the algae is always much and the various flamingos feed and grow thus much production of the more flamingos.

The most liked period of January to March and July to December are sunny days in Lake Nakuru National park which are recommended for wildlife viewing experiences since during the rainy seasons the grass is longer making it difficult to see the wildlife species.

The best time to visit Lake Nakuru national park for the birders is from November to April. This is the breeding season and many birds are in full plumage. The park has got over 500 bird species in the park that includes the long-tailed widowbird, Varreaux’s, Long-crested eagle, flocks of pelicans, Bateleur, Abyssinian thrush, Black-tailed godwit, Crab-plover, Brown-backed scrub robin, European roller, Great snipe, Great spotted eagle, Kenya rufous sparrow, Maccoa duck, Pallid harrier and many more can be seen in the park during your Kenya tour.

Best time to visit Lake Nakuru National park
Birding in Lake Nakuru

The park is open year-round. In many parks the wet season can put an end to game viewing but that’s not necessarily the case of Lake Nakuru national park, the roads are good and since the park is fenced the animal species will not disperse. Still, the most popular time for viewing is during the dry season from July to December. The park favors you at any time during your safari you can be able to visit the park like the dry season where you can do wildlife viewing, and June to March and November to April is the best season for a safari around lake Nakuru as the season can be having little rain, although is excellent birdlife at Lake Nakuru, conditions in recent years have become unfriendly for the colourful pink flamingos, which are used to a prime attraction here.

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