Colors to Wear while in Kenya?

Colors to Wear while in Kenya? Just like any other countries in the whole world, the choice of colors that people put on portrays a lot about the cultural significance of the country conveying various messages. Considering From the vibrant patterns of traditional tribal clothing to the modern influences of the trending fashions. Therefore, the colors won in Kenya reflect bout about its culture, history and many personal expressions.

 For tourists planning to travel to Kenya on a safari are encouraged to first research and understand the significance of colors common in the Kenyan’s attire and this requires them to dive deep into the diverse cultural landscapes where they get opportunities to learn about its history  and what influences both the contemporary and traditional fashion trends in the country. Therefore, in the context below; we will explore more about the vibrant spectrum of different colors that define Kenyan’s fashion.

Firstly, it is very important for individuals to acknowledge and respect the significance of traditional Kenyan clothing that varies among different ethnic groups and the unique about the dressing in this country is its styles and color palettes for example; the Maasai people who are famously known for their distinctive attire which is featured with bright red hues and the red color is considered as a special color within Maasai culture because it symbolizes their bravery, unity and the blood of their ancestors.

And apart from the Maasai, there many other ethnic groups found in Kenya and each of these have their own traditional attire and they are often characterized by a rich array of colors such as; the Kikuyu people are renowned to wear garments of green color which is meant represent the fertility of the lush landscapes of the central part of Kenya where the Kikuyu people stay. More so, the Swahili people are known to prefer wearing the vibrant blues and greens into their clothing hence reflecting their influence towards the Indian Ocean and other regions in the maritime heritage.

More so, the modern fashion trends also contribute a big impact to the tradition attires hence influencing the colors that are commonly worn by Kenyans for example; in urban centers like; Nairobi always host thriving fashion scenes where many individuals are given opportunities to blend into the traditional elements of different styles.  Therefore, visitors here are likely to see a diverse range of many colors in the country hence reflecting personal tastes, those that are influenced globally and current trends.

However, tourists should note that there are no strict rules about what colors to put on while on a safari in Kenya but there are many factors that individuals put into consideration while choosing their what attire to wear and some of these include; while going for an informal or business setting, darker colors are recommended like; navy blue, charcoal gray and black which is usually preferred by many. In addition, these colors convey professionalism and sophistication. More so, in some cases or depending which events one is attending such as; cultural events, ceremonies and even during the formal settings, traditional attires might be more appropriate.

Colors to Wear while in Kenya?
Colors to Wear while in Kenya?

In addition, when it comes to casual wear, the local people usually embrace exploring into wide spectrum of many colors most especially the vibrant patterns of Kitenge fabric, which most people use like an everyday clothing.  More so, these kitenge fabrics often come in an array of many colors and different unique designs hence giving a chance to many individuals to express their personality and creativity through choosing the their own clothing choices.

The choice of colors in Kenya is noted that it can be influenced by practical considerations for example; daily weather conditions and the environment whereby it is noticed that during the hot or sunny weather, people normally opt to wear light colors like; white, light blue, pastels because these colors have the ability to reflect heat and the wearer of the cloth cool. However, darker colors might be preferred especially during the cooler seasons or in the evening hours, when then the weather temperatures have dropped.

In the past years, there was a growing movement concerning the sustainable and ethically sourced fashion in Kenya but they focus most on using locally produced textiles and natural dyes. And this has led many people to be  interested in many other early tones of colors like; brown, green, yellow which reflect  deeper connection to the beautiful landscapes in the country and a desire for environmentally friendly fashion choices.

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