Cultural Tours in Masai Mara

Cultural Tours in Masai Mara

Cultural Tours in Masai Mara is One of the most unique safari part of Masai Mara national reserve with the rest of the parks and reserves is that its managed by the local community. the Masaai tribe dominate the reserve which leave in harmony with wildlife as they practice their traditional way of tradition. The Masaai tribe live together with the wildlife amicably and this has benefited not only the locals but also the guests who have a wide range of activities to do especially on learning about new people and their culture.

The Masaai culture is one of the greatest culturesĀ  that makes Cultural Tours in Masai Mara wore some that one can feel in Africa with their own life styles, the pastoralists who rare more animals in mobile way have unique culture which cannot be seen anywhere in the world. This people have leaved near and around the reserve for more than one hundred years now with unchangeable traditions, norms and customs even if the guests from all corners of modern world frequently move with them they have stickled on their traditions.

Cultural Tours in Masai Mara leads to a visit to the Masai community which has around 50 traditional houses that surrounds the large crawls of cattle compacted with all traditions of the true Masaai life style. They have more community projects that helps them to benefit from tourism and making them leave in good sustainable life with clean environment.

Cultural Tours in Masai Mara or community visit to the masaai community forms one of the most active and lively activity one should not miss while at Masai Mara from their dancing stanzas of Jumping up and down to the iconic way of milking their indigenous cows, how to get fresh blood from n animal, cooking, making their local houses with mud and many more active activities.

Community participation is one belief we have for sustainable tourism in Africa and the masaai people always win their awards on this let us support sustainable tourism through village or community tours.

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