Day Birding Kenya Safari

Day Birding Kenya Safari : Best day birding is a popular safari activity that is done by people who want to get up close and personal with the wildlife in Africa. Kenya is home to many of these bird species. Kenya is the right safari destination that offers the tourists with the endless number of beautiful and colorful bird species. On a Kenya safari the bird species are majorly spotted in the Great Rift Valley lakes like Lake Nakuru, Lake Elementaita, Lake Boringo, Lake Naivaisha and among others. This is where you can watch the acquatic bird species along the water shores that makes your bird watching safari in Kenya the most intriguing one especially the flamingos. Also various national parks in Kenya hosts the very stunning bird species that you can watch on the best day birding Kenya safari.

Essentials that are required when carrying out a birding safari in Kenya.

Kenya has a number of birding safaris that are the perfect way to explore its diverse wildlife. Here are some things that you should consider when planning for your trip.

-Find out about the best time to visit Kenya, as this will help you plan your safari that is during the rainy season.

-Check in with your hotel as well as the local authorities to find out what permits you need and where to buy them

-Pack light and only bring essentials like clothes, toiletries, and binoculars -Bring plenty of water, snacks and food, and sunscreen-Bring a flashlight-Bring adequate clothing for all weather conditions and bring extra layers, as it can get very cold at night.

-Do not forget to carry your binoculars that will help you to spot and observe the distant bird species accurately that makes your bird watching the amazing one.

Day Birding Kenya Safari
Day Birding Kenya Safari

-Cameras are also important and essential requirement that one should carry on a Kenya bird watching safari as these keep your bird watching safari memories. And among other essential personal requirements.

Where to do a birding safari in Kenya.

Kenya is a country in Africa with a diverse climate, as well as a variety of habitats. It has the highest diversity of birds and plants in Africa.

It is home to the largest population of African elephants and the tallest mountain on the continent. The country has some incredibly beautiful landscapes that are perfect for birding safaris. Here are some places that you should visit during your Kenya birding safari:

 Lake Nakuru National Park: This Park is famous for its flamingos, which can be seen nesting on the banks of Lake Nakuru. You can also see many species of birds here, including pelicans, storks, egrets and herons. The park has over 1,000 species of birds that you can spot from your car or boat tour around the lake.

 Mount Kenya National Park: This national park is located at an elevation of 5,199 meters above sea level and offers stunning views from various vantage points. Mostly the bird species that are located in this place are best spotted by the hikers that can be seen while hiking the mountain.

Bird watching on a Kenya safari can as well be done in various national parks that are present in the country including Maasai Mara national park, Amboseli national park, Samburu national reserve, Aberdare national park and many others.

What is the best time to do a birding safari in Kenya?

Kenya is one of the best places to do a birding safari. The capital city of Nairobi offers visitors a variety of activities, such as hiking and camping during the day, and then birding that take place in Nairobi National Park.

Bird watching on a Kenya safari majorly take place during the wet months between May November that’s when the bird species tend to be more in the national parks and again that’s when the bird species from outside safari destinations like Australia and Europe come to Africa that makes bird watching the perfect one.

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