Day trips and safaris around Arusha City

Day trips and safaris around Arusha City : Nestled under the majestic peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru, Arusha City is the safari tour centre of Tanzania, situated in the country’s northern highlands. All Tanzania safari visitors travelling on the well-known northern safari circuit make a stop in the “Geneva of Africa” in order to be ready for their excursions into the African bush. Because of its position, Arusha is a great base from which to conduct a variety of day trips; you can depart early in the morning and return to Arusha in the late afternoon to either your hotel or the Kilimanjaro International Airport.

Arusha hotels, Moshi town, or Kilimanjaro International Airport are the starting points for the several day Tanzania tours departing from Arusha.

Here are some of Arusha’s most memorable day trips:

1 Day Arusha National Park hiking

We head east to the Arusha National Park after breakfast, where our knowledgeable tour guide and driver will greet you and give you a quick safari information briefing. It is impossible to not be impressed by the park’s amazing diversity of plants and animals. The movie “Hatari,” which starred Hardy Kruger and the late John Wayne, was also filmed in this area by Hollywood. You will see the Ngurdoto Crater as part of your day tour. You may view a variety of bird species as well as buffaloes, waterbucks, giraffes, warthogs, zebras, and baboons year-round. You may get up close and personal with the wildlife on your walking safari with the help of an armed ranger who will meet you at the Momella Gate.

1 day Arusha National Park Safari by 4X4

You should take advantage of this opportunity to get away from the bustle of the city. Get free hotel pickup in the early morning or midday, depending on when you’d want to begin your tour. Following a brief introduction, take a 40-minute safari trip in a 4×4 land cruiser to reach this well-known national park. Even though the park is tiny, it is home to numerous African wildlife, such as giraffes, Cape buffalo, zebras, warthogs, black-and-white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys, flamingos, elephants, and lions. There are populations of leopards, albeit they are rarely sighted. Numerous woodland species can be spotted here more easily than elsewhere along the Tanzania safari tourist route due to the abundance of bird life in the forest.

1 Day Climb the holy mountain of the Maasai

This is a rare chance that only a select few tourists will get. We are the only Tanzania tour operator authorised to take visitors up the holy mountain because of our close ties to the Maasai tribe and our involvement in the community. Your own Maasai guide will provide you with information about their religious practices and the significance of this unique location.

1 Day trip to Lake Manyara National Park

This one-day excursion to Lake Manyara National Park will allow you to spend more time in the park. You will witness a variety of animals, including a lion perched atop a tree, and numerous bird species. You will also get to enjoy the thrill of game viewing in some of Tanzania safari tours most breathtaking national wildlife game parks.

1 Day trip to Ngorongoro Crater

This one-day excursion departs from Moshi or Arusha to visit the Ngorongoro Crater. With a lunch box and water from your accommodation, the excursion leaves Arusha town and drives to the Ngorongoro Crater. For a half-day crater Tanzania tour, you will drop 2000 feet (more than 600 metres) to the crater floor. Discover the lions’ feeding grounds in the open savannah, the lake area where flamingos may be spotted, and the woodland sections inhabited by elephants and monkeys.

Day trips and safaris around Arusha City
1 Day trip to Ngorongoro Crater

1 Day tour to Tarangire National Park

Some uncommon species of dry-country antelope, such the long-necked gerenuk and the rare fringe-eared oryx, can be found in Tarangire National Park. Interesting animal viewing chances can be found in the swampy sections to the south of the park, where you can see buffalo and elephants lazing around, the Silale Swamp lion pride, and occasionally wild dogs. Occasionally, while the wetlands are drying out, large pythons can be discovered in trees.

1 Day Trip to Mount Meru Waterfalls Hike

Starting on the Arusha – Moshi road, 12 km outside Arusha town, is the Tengeru Cultural Centre, where our one-day walk up Mount Meru begins. Situated atop Mount Meru’s slopes is the Tengeru Cultural Centre. Stroll around the second-largest mountain in Tanzania’s woodland. There are around ten distinct day hiking routes on Mount Meru that wind through the lower forest and last between three and eight hours each.

How to get to Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park is the easiest place in Tanzania to reach because it is situated between Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru, to the north of Arusha town. In Tanzania’s northern safari circuit, this park is the “odd one out.” It doesn’t have the same assortment of wildlife as the other parks. Out of the Big Five, only buffalo are frequently spotted; lions and rhinos are not. The unusual animals and scenic beauty are what make it appealing. The flagship species is the captivating colobus monkey, which is black and white. There are numerous activities available for visitors to the park, including hiking, canoe rides, game drives, walking safaris, and bird watching. With good reason, this stunning Arusha National Park is frequently referred to as a “little germ.” The safari hub of Northern Tanzania, Arusha town, is just a half-hour away by tarmac road. There are little plains covered in greenery, valleys, lakes, and mountains all around, giving it a lovely sense of seclusion. Mount Meru, the fifth-highest free-standing mountain in Africa at 4,566 metres (14,980 feet), dominates it.

A sanctuary for acclimatisation before to ascending Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania’s second-highest peak provides an amazing experience.

You can get to the park by plane or by car. It’s fairly simple to go to this park from Moshi or Arusha town. Here, day trips and excursions are highly typical. You may also choose to stay overnight in order to thoroughly explore this park.

Via Road

It takes around half an hour to drive 32 kilometres in a 4 x 4 safari vehicle from Arusha town to the Ngongongare gate in the Arusha National Park.

By Air

The distance to Kilimanjaro International Airport is roughly 40 kilometres. If you don’t want to drive, you can get to Arusha National Park by plane with ease.

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