Discover Nyali Beach Kenya

Discover Nyali Beach Kenya : A Comprehensive Guide To Visiting Nyali Beach : The gorgeous, affluent Nyali neighborhood’s Nyali beach is located just to the north of Mombasa Island. The discovery of a well-kept secret haven of peace like Nyali Beach, close to the busy metropolis of Mombasa, is one of life’s delightful surprises.


Nyali shares boundaries with Bamburi Beach to the north and Tudor Creek to the south. This beach is incredibly beautiful: it is broad and long, with smooth, dazzling white sands, calm sea breezes, and breathtaking coral scenery. It is also immaculate and well-maintained. A location to take in some of Africa’s most breathtaking vistas of the Indian Ocean.

Enjoy a refreshing beverage while lounging and seeing the dhows sailing to and from the adjacent historic harbor. Large ships arrive and depart from Mombasa, the biggest harbor in Kenya, a short distance away.

With its charming natural environment of tropical palm trees and rocky cliffs as a backdrop, this beach is a favorite with locals and families for beach picnics and trips. It’s the ideal place to spend a day at the beach. Children adore it because of the wide, fine sand that’s ideal for building sandcastles, the shallow, tranquil sea, and the excitement of chasing the adorable, harmless little ghost crabs that live along most of the beach.

Located in Mombasa Marine Park Reserve, Nyali Beach comes alive with activity on the weekends. During the week, there are a lot of places to unwind and take in the peaceful coastline.

Mombasa Beach, the most popular side of Nyali Beach, is located on its top portion. The only thing between the two beaches is a medium-sized coral rock. Even if you are an extremely skilled swimmer, getting across at high tide is hazardous and challenging. However, it’s lovely to explore the rough coral at low tide.


Nyali Beach is home to a plethora of fascinating locations, including the largest crocodile farm in Africa (Mamba Village), the Nyali Golf Club, multiple embassies, and some of the province’s most prestigious academic institutions. Learn more about the activities available at Nyali Beach!

Chill at the Beach

Relax on the beach and take in the white sand strip. Shiva Cave is located at the southernmost point of the seashore, and it is said to increase the fertility of those who come.

Have a meal at Tamarind Restaurant.

Overlooking the harbor, Tamarind Restaurant is adorned with tall white arches. Black pepper crab, twice-cooked pork belly, and tamarind seafood salad are among the delectable dishes on the elegant restaurant’s menu. The sweets, the alcoholic coffees, and the mangrove oysters are other must-tries.

Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Centre

The charity employs physically disabled people to provide vocational training and makes high-quality crafts. Visit the studios and store to purchase textiles, leatherwork, jewelry, sisal bags, and carvings.

Mamba Village Crocodile Farm

See the 5-meter-long crocs at their various developmental stages, from babies to 100 years old, at the largest reptile farm in Kenya. 5 p.m. is when crocodile feeding time begins.


The tastiest cakes on the coast may be found at Cafesseire in Nyali City Mall. In addition, the site is distinctive due to the cool, windy weather. The cafe serves heartier main courses, such as masala fish, and brunch favorites like bagel sandwiches. Savor Tuskers, fresh fruit juice, and lattes.

Japanese at Nyali Beach

Locals give the Japanese restaurant Misono great marks. There’s a large menu with Japanese dishes. Choose between teriyaki, tempura, or teppanyaki.

Discover Nyali Beach Kenya
Discover Nyali Beach Kenya

Indians at Nyali Beach

The extensive menu of Splendid View Restaurant features both Western and Indian culinary options. It is the sibling branch of the Mombasa original.


Nearly the whole coastline is lined with opulent hotels, including the Nyali Beach Resort, Voyager Hotel, Reef Hotel, and Mombasa Beach Hotel. The beach itself offers a plethora of tourist attractions, including beach volleyball, windsurfing, scuba diving, kite surfing, and much more.


There are two routes to get to the beach: through private homes and hotels or through the limited number of public walkways. Mombasa City is around ten minutes’ drive from the beach. If you don’t have a car, you can ride the Nyali-Reef “Matatu” from the CBD to the beach, or you can hail a tuk-tuk cab to drop you off at your destination. For a nominal charge, camels will cheerfully carry you up and down the beach.

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