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Exploring Maasai mara National Reserve without a Vehicle

Exploring Maasai mara National Reserve without a Vehicle : Maasai Mara National reserve is the most Kenya’s incredible destination with the diverse wildlife population added with its Kenya wildlife safari beauty iconic ‘’Out of Africa’’. Maasai Mara National reserve has got the moist ever beautiful landscape and the serene environment that is good for everyone’s soul who come to explore the reserve as well as the wildlife. The reserve is such perfect with everything like the flowing water, open grasslands, savannah and many others that the wildlife deserves to adapt the reserve like the elephants, cheetahs, buffalos, giraffes, and hyena and among others without forgetting the bird species.

Ways of exploring Maasai Mara National reserve without a vehicle.

Walking safaris.

Maasai Mara National Reserve can be explored through the waking safaris this is the best way of getting to the reserve parts where the vehicle does not reach, and to make it amazing the reserve can be explored on foot. Walking safaris in the bush is the best way to go in order to get the opportunity to microscopically examine everything around you in the reserve. This is where you get to see the most of the wildlife as you approach it on the foot for easy identification.

On your safari to Maasai National reserve, the guests are recommend to spend their nights in Naboisho camp, Kicheche, Serian camp that offers the best walking safari with the help of the Maasai guide who explains and gives you the straight answer for every question regarding about everything in Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Horse riding.

Horse riding is the fascinating safari activity in Maasai Mara National reserve while sited at the back of the horse while spotting the beautiful wildlife not in the vehicle, horse riding is among the best selected safari activity in the reserve. Horse riding makes you amazed while moving at the back of the horse as your moving in the open grassland to canter across, numerous fallen trees to jump which gives you the best safari experience.

Exploring Maasai mara National Reserve without a Vehicle
Horseback Safaris in Masai Mara

Hot air balloon.

Maasai Mara national reserve is the only blessed safari destination where the tourists experience the entire national reserve in the hot air balloon. This is very perfect and gives you the best safari experiences in Kenya, after spotting the entire richness of the reserve that is the wildlife while enjoyable the aerial view. Taking a hot air balloon is the best experience that will last long in your memories till your nest adventure. Hot air balloon is such considerable and can be enjoyed by every age group both the young and the old in the reserve, though the safari activity is perfect for the honeymooners, proposal, family get together and among special ones, this is the best and perfect safari that you can do without a vehicle to explore Kenya’s unbeaten beauty of the nature of Maasai Mara National reserve.

Electric bikes.

Maasai Mara national reserve can be as well best explored with the electric bikes that can be used when you have spent a night at Cotta’s 1920’s safari camp, Bush Villa they have to provide you with the electric bikes which the guests can use them to do exercise and have the best fun, the electric bikes need the limited to a handful of guests at a time to ensure safety but it’s not limited. The guests can enjoy watching the entire reserve where the vehicles cannot reach.

Bush meals and sundowners.

Bush meals and sundowners nothing beats them because they help you in watching the wildlife on spot while enjoying your meal in the raw wilderness of the African savannah in Maasai Mara National reserve while having the best views accompanied by the beautiful landscapes and the thrilling wildlife, these special meals are the vital ways on a safari in the reserve to enjoy the serene Maasai Mara national reserve.

Exploring Maasai mara National Reserve without a Vehicle
Bush meals in maasai mara

Picnic lunch.

Picnic lunch, this simply takes place out of Maasai Mara National reserve this is where the guests enjoy their full day outside their lodges and camp even they enjoy their lunch in form of the packed lunch boxes that can be prepared by your camp or lodge, though which can be prepared in time. During the picnic lunch you can never feel hungry due to the fact that you keep on watching the most scenic setting in the wild which gives you the best memories on your safari. During the picnic lunch the tourists enjoy watching and spotting of the closer and far away wildlife in the reserve.

Enjoy while exploring Maasai Mara National Reserve without using any safari vehicle to view the spectacular and beautiful landscape of the reserve with the above ways to get the unforgettable safari memories when you plan and travel with focuseastafricatours.com on a Kenya safari to enjoy to the maximum.

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