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Facts about Maasai Tribe

Facts about Maasai Tribe

Facts about Maasai Tribe ; Facts about Maasai tribe will show that the Maasai people are extraordinary people whose culture has lasted for decades without any change. It is on records that Africa remains the home of the last surviving cultures and traditions in the world. The Maasai tribe is one of the most famous and recognized tribes. Their unique rituals believe and attire that cannot be compared or seen anywhere in the world. This is used as an identification used by Maasai people to identify themselves anywhere in the world. These facts will reveal the real reasons why you should engage in a Maasai Mara Safari.

There are several facts about Maasai tribe that makes them unique from any leaving tribe in the world. Even if the world is going forward with modernization little has changed from the Maasai tribe. It is of recent that few young Maasai have left their homeland and gone to cities to look for a new life.

Below are the key facts about Maasai tribe

There are over one million Maasai people leaving currently in both Kenya and Tanzania. The real population of the Maasai people cannot be assured as most of the locals do not what to be accessed and this hinders accurate information and statistics. 

Nomadic lifestyle: This is one of the greatest facts about Maasai tribe, originating from Sudan the Maasai people have lived long with their nomadic lifestyle without change. The majority of the Maasai people leave in protected areas where they leave together with wildlife and their livestock. They move from one place to another as they look for water and pasture for their livestock.

Clothing and Jewellery: The Maasai tribe is one of the tribes with unique dress code not only in East Africa but Africa at large. They just wrap around themselves with their black and red oral square red sheets sometimes square blue. The ladies put more of the jewelry made up of local craft materials like beads, wood, clay or bone. These facts about Maasai tribe make it easy for one to identify the Maasai person in where they are found.

Facts About Maasai Tribes

Body modifications: No tribe can challenge the Maasai tribe in natural beauty and body modification. They use natural environmental materials to design themselves like creating holes at the eyes called ear piercing in the modern world. Children’s teeth are removed with a belief in reducing the regular sickness of the children.

Patriarchy: One of the unique facts about the Maasai tribe is that the elderly men are the final decision-makers. All important decisions at home or community are determined by the elder present at the scene. The ladies are considered to be housewives not allowed to participate in any decision making but only be involved at the housework. The second in command are the young boys known as the Maasai warriors that keep the security of the clan, protection of the livestock at night and other strong activities. In the case of Marriage ceremonies or inter-village meetings, only men are called to attend. 

Traditional dance and singing: The Maasai have their unique jumping dance where they nicknamed to be the first people to see tomorrow. They can jump very high when they enjoy happiness and celebrations at their own time at their homes. They are known in the throat-singing technique as they use mimic sounds that sound like eerily cattle call.

Maa Language: The Maasai local language is called Maa which has over 30 contrasting sounds in the modern toning. The language plays a great role in unifying them together and also changing the moods of individuals in case of any disagreements among the members.

Cattle: The Maasai have a belief in them that all cattle in the world belongs to them, this makes them cattle rustlers and they want to get all that belongs to them as they believe. Their belief is rare in that they say cattle are God-given gift to them and other people want to steal away from them and if they steal from you they are just taking back what is theirs.  Their full life is their cattle, the richness of the clan or tribe or home is determined by the number of heads of cattle one has. Their traditional lives are pastoralists and its out of this that they are allowed to leave together with animals in the protected areas since all their livelihood is on cattle. They do little cultivation and no hunting completely as they prefer meat from their own cattle and other cattle products.

 Religion: The Maasai people do not believe in God except few who are introduced to modernity and leave in towns but have their own gods they believe on. They call it Ngal which is a god of cattle. 

Houses: Even if the Maasai history suggest that the Maasai are nomads but they leave in houses that are locally constructed. It is only in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area that the Maasai have built semi-permanent houses.  The houses are constructed using mud, grass, sticks, and cow dung and they are constructed by women. They leave in corals where a home is fenced by local materials especially thorns which acts as a guard from the wildlife. 

The facts about Maasai tribe make them more unique and great tourist attraction to Africa especially Kenya and Tanzania.


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