Game Drives in Masai Mara

Game Drives in Masai Mara

Game drives in Masai Mara are most common and popular activities in most of the African national parks and reserves, by definition it’s an adventure of the park through 4×4 open roof safari van or Land Cruiser enjoying the close view of the animals but observing the park regulations.

Game drives in Masai Mara are usually done in three swifts those are:

Morning game drive which starts at dawn to catch up with sun risers, observe the African sunrise, this is the most rewarding Game drives in Masai Mara since you will find all animals very active and fresh looking for food of the day in an open savannah grassland grassing, the cats are also in the ambush looking for the food of the day by hunting. After the sun gets hot all animals go near river banks to quench their thirst and cool themselves while the cats go in hidden quite areas to relax and rest hence hard to see again.

Evening Game drive which usually starts from 4 pm till late at 6:30 pm, on this Game drives in Masai Mara we get the final catch up of the game while they are out of their hides getting their dinner and sun bathing especially the reptiles. Kobs and other animals that graze in groups will be assembling for their resting.

Night Game drives, this is strictly done under the guide and escort of well trained game rangers and mostly an extra fee is put on it. Its mostly enjoyed by film makers who want to see more of the nocturnal animals in the park, see the cats hunting at night and others.

Masai Mara is one of the best places destinations not only in Africa but in the world for excellent rewarding Game drives in Masai Mara with more than 1000’s of animals to see. In the Migration season which takes place between July and October millions of animals assemble to the reserve  the wildebeest migration as they cross the mara river from Serengeti for new fresh pastures and water. This is the period they come for breeding for the grazers attracting more predators especially the big cats since the prey is much available.

The national Reserve different eco system has attributed to different animal species with the most famous being the big five those are: Lions, Leopards, Buffalos, Elephants and Rhinos. Other animals are the Oribis, Hyenas, Giraffes, Gazelles, Hippos, Hartebeest, Zebras, Antelope, Crocodiles and many more.

Masai mara can be accessible throughout the year with the most rewarding time in during green season where all Game drives in Masai Mara are rewarding when millions of animals both migratory and permanent residents are present at the reserve.

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