3 Days Mara Wildebeest Migration Safari

Great migration in masai mara (migration period)

Masai Mara can be visited throughout the year though April and May are not good enough to enjoy due to heavy rainfalls which sometimes lead to closure of some camps which are located in water logged areas. The reserve is considered one of the most loved wildlife reserves in African continent with the large open plains of the Masaai land which favors the annually wildebeest migration and the capacity is enough to accommodate millions of the wildlife that crosses the river from Serengeti national park.

Most guest when talking about Masai Mara donot miss to say the Wildebeest migration hence making it the center of the interest if one ones to visit Mara reserve yet the migration is not throughout the year and this makes it sensible to the guest to use reputable local operators who do not guest the season but always on the ground assessing the climatic conditions of the country every year since the migration is mostly affected by the current climatic conditions than cramming the months of the great wildebeest migration which some time may start early or late.

Good timing by well updated and experienced operators make you achieve your migration dreams in Masai Mara, it always happen starting from July to August and return back from late September to October. All this happens in the mighty Mara river when Mara receives millions of wildebeest and thousands of the zebras and other animals from Serengeti national park in Tanzania, the experience is worth your physical appearance not reading on books basing on other guests experience when these animals courageously jump in to the river full of the big large Nile Crocodiles waiting to get fresh meat for their lunch and dinner.

The animals cross in zigizag way as they try to dodge and survive from these large agitators waiting to swallow them alive. You will be filled with tears of joy and happiness as you witness these happenings.

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