3 Days Masai Mara Hot Air Ballooning Safari

Hot air ballooning in masai mara

Hot air ballooning in masai mara

Hot air balloon in Masai Mara  is operated twice daily that is early morning and late afternoon and this is organized by three major balloon operators who are fully registered by the government of Kenya and Kenyan Civil Aviation Authority who licenses them to operate.

Hot air balloon in Masai Mara are mostly misinterpreted as luxury but in Masai Mara they are affordable to all classes of travelers with the big size balloons taking up to 16 people this makes it cheap as you will share the expenses.  Hot Balloon Safaris are booked in advance so that the operator will make all the arrangements and packaging for you well as they have maximum number of guests it carries.

Experience the eagle eye of the Masaai mara national  land when you’re floating on air freely like a vulture or an Eagle above the wildlife and the vegetation cover with our Hot air balloon in Masai Mara. The hot air balloon can be done by both adults and children though the children must be from five years and above and the adults should be physically fit in good health conditions with the funny part for the fat heavy people who weigh over 120kgs they are considered to be two in one hence requesting them to purchase double space to avoid over loading since the balloon operates on certain maximum weight.

All the hot air balloon safaris starts before dawn after hearing a wakeup call from your hotel where you will be transferred with a safari van to the open starting and landing point, guests are told to enter in to the basket take their sits and cover their eyes as the pilot starts the balloon, this is the most exciting time while the heart feels slow motion movement of the balloon as it starts hiking up words slowly. When the balloon is up every one is requested to open their eyes and stand up to start the aerial view of the animals and the vegetation see the big cats hunting if lucky and enjoying the aerial view of the wildebeest migration if you come around June to October.

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