How long does it take to climb Mount Kenya?

How long does it take to climb Mount Kenya? A great alternative for someone seeking once-in-a-lifetime adventure that also presents a significant personal challenge is climbing Mount Kenya. Although this remarkable mountain is sometimes disregarded on a global scale, its reputation is rising for good cause.

The second-highest mountain in Africa, getting ready to climb Mount Kenya is an enormous task. You don’t have to be a professional mountaineer though due to its choice of trails and expert guides. Although climbing this summit is not easy, nowhere else can you see an alpine setting, a rainforest, and breathtaking vistas in one location?

Around 15,000 people summit Mount Kenya each year and incorporating their ranks is an enormous achievement. Don’t understate this dazzling African mountain but by challenging yourself to take on such a mission, you’ll complete it a stronger, more confident person.

Choosing your route is a crucial step in the extensive preparation needed for this mountain. To help you plan, discover out how long it takes to climb Mount Kenya by reading on!

Preparing to climb Mount Kenya.

If you’ve ever undertaken multi-day mountain hikes, you are aware of the importance of proper planning and preparation. It’s crucial to not undervalue this mountain if it will be your first significant climb.

Even with hundreds of hikers each year, climbing Mount Kenya is still a significant task with challenges. It’s not a journey that you’ll rush through and you’ll need to take high elevations adjustment and your fitness into account.

By preparing and planning well, you’ll form the thousands who’ve effectively summited, not those who had to turn back.

Choosing the best Mount Kenya route for you.

It’s critical to be practical while choosing a route. Walking for many hours a day in both hot and cold temperatures will be tiring and you don’t want exhaustion to ruin your adventure.

Consider the time you have accessible for your trip and recall that you should allow for a day for adjustment at least. When you finish, you’ll also most likely want a rest day, so allow time to put your feet up.

Climbing Mount Kenya isn’t all about getting the summit either. To make the most of your time in this outstanding park, you can choose your route based on the sights you’ll get to see.

A slower route like Chogoria would be ideal if you want an easier path with more wildlife and scenic views. There’s always the option to take a shorter path, like Naro Moru, to get down.

Naro Moru Trail Time: Three to four days.

One of the most well-liked trails on Mount Kenya is the Naro Moru one. Because it’s the shortest trail to the summit of Point Lenana, many hikers choose to travel Naro Moru.

Although it may seem enticing to cut your time on the mountain by one or two days, consider your hiking skills. Due to its extreme steepness, the Naro Moru trail should only be used by fit hikers on the ascent.

Many expeditions use the Naro Moru track for a quick descent after climbing via a different route. By doing this, you can summit the peak faster without descending the challenging Naro Moru path.

Buruget Trail Time: Three to seven days.

If you want to be in the nature, you can choose to hike the Buruget trail, however it is not very popular. A knowledgeable guide is essential. This trail can be very difficult but rewarding because it isn’t as clearly marked and spends a lot of time in the forest.

Hike this path to the summit at Point Lenana, then descend the mountain by a separate route. The number of days you spend hiking will vary depending on the route you choose down; longer treks can take up to seven days.

Sirimon Trail Time: Four to six days.

Due to its more moderate ascent compared to Naro Moru, the Sirimon trail has grown to be one of the most well-liked routes to the peak of Point Lenana. You can finish it in as short as four days, and there are dormitory huts available for the nights.

A lot of hikers decide to take one track down and the Sirimon trail up. This could be the slower Chogoria trail or the faster Naro Moru trail. The hike could take up to six days in total, depending on the trail you take to return.

Chogoria Trail Time: Four to six days.

Despite being the longest, the Chogoria trail is still well-traveled. Why? Due to its breathtaking beauty. This is the ideal route to enjoy the scenery of Mount Kenya, and you’ll get to see a wide variety of wildlife, including mongooses and elephants.

This trail progressively rises, and there’s a quicker way down.

Tick Mount Kenya off your bucket list.

In terms of scheduling your ascent of Mount Kenya, speed isn’t necessarily superior. While it is possible, it is not advised to climb and descend in three days. Not only should you make time to adjust, but grabbing your time will often give you the best safari experiences.

You may also want to spend a rest day in the park after your hike so giving yourself a little extra time is an excellent plan. The average time for hikers to summit Mount Kenya is four to six days. This gives you plenty of time to progressively ascend and take in the view.

It’s imperative that you hire a knowledgeable guide while making travel plans for your trip up Mount Kenya. Even though this mountain is well-known, there are still risks there, therefore travelling with a guide will ensure your trip is secure and comfortable.

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