How Many Schools Are In Dadaab Refugee Camp?

How Many Schools Are In Dadaab Refugee Camp? Dadaab refugee camp is located in Kenya, which is considered to be among the top tourist destinations for one to visit while on an adventurous safari in East Africa. This camp is ranked to be among the largest refugee camps in Africa, which was established in 1991 responding to the civil war and conflicts in Somalia that resulted into the displacement of many individuals who opted to move to other neighbouring countries seeking for safety and shelter. More so, Dadaab refugee camp is comprised of many other several camps including; Hagadera, Ifo and Dagahaley, which is considered the largest, compared to the others. In addition, over the years, this refugee camp has been a home to a hundreds of thousands of refugees who fled primarily from Somalia and from other neighbouring countries due to factors like; conflicts and persecution among others.

Schools found in Dadaab Refugee camp.

Education is one of the key aspects of life, which is being offered to refugees in Dadaab refugee camp in order to provide a sense of stability, normalcy and help individuals to have hope for the future amidst the challenges they experienced due to their displacement.

It is hard to tell the exact the number of schools in Dadaab refugee camp because new schools are always constructed due to various factors like; infrastructure development, funding, the increase in the number of refugees. However, there is typically dozens of schools, which provide the educational needs to all the camps residents.

Due to the latest information recorded, it is recorded that there are approximately around 60 primary and secondary schools, which operate within the Dadaab refugee settlement. In addition, all these schools within this camp are being managed by several organizations like; non-governmental organizations (NGOs), International aid agencies, Kenyan government which collaborates with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).  More so, the education curriculum within Dadaab refugee camp largely follows in the Kenyan system, therefore it is important to adapt in order to meet the unique needs and challenges of this refugee population with the camp.

Primary Education.

There are many primary schools within Dadaab refugee settlement, which cater for children, and it takes them from kindergarten up to grade eight. In addition, this primary level is considered as the foundation of learning and all these primary schools provide basic education in many subjects including; language arts, mathematics, social studies, religious studies and many others. In addition, these schools put in a lot effort to provide life skills education, psychosocial support and allow students to participate into several activities into the curriculum in order to address specific needs of children most especially that have happened to experience trauma and depression.

How Many Schools Are In Dadaab Refugee Camp?
Dadaab Refugee Camp

Secondary Schools. 

Secondary education is considered to be lesser compared to Primary education and they are many secondary schools available within Dadaab refugee camp. In addition, these schools are known to be offering education services from O-level (ordinary level) to A-level (Advanced level), hence helping individuals to purse further studies or vocational training. More so, the secondary level of education  encompasses a wider range of subjects which are taught to students such as; humanities, sciences and many other vocational courses which help to equip students with skills that correspond to their future aspirations and due to the fact that  there is high demand of the job market today.

There are more alternative education programs and initiatives within Dadaab refugee camp such as; formal schooling. And all these have a goal of reaching out to  marginalized and vulnerable populations like; those children with disabilities and many other children who missed out the opportunity on acquiring formal education opportunities.  In addition, some of these programs offered include; catch-up classes, adult literacy classes, vocational training and many others.  These accelerated learning programs are mainly designed to provide educational pathways to individuals of all ages and different backgrounds.

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