How to Plan a Kenya Safari on Budget

How to Plan a Kenya Safari on Budget : Kenya is best explored through a safari as you get to interact with nature, this helps you to have the best one though most of the Kenya safaris are not the most expensive ones, but every tourist can make a safari to Kenya the most affordable one according to the budget he or she is having, also a tourist can make his trip affordable through a seasoned travel agency and apply the few tips on the budget safaris in Kenya as this makes it perfect for a tourist to achieve his safari goals.

How to plan a Kenya safari on a budget.

Avoiding traveling during the peak season.

A Kenya budget  safari can be the most incredible one if you miss travelling during the peak season, that is though the great migration takes places during July to October, you might miss out the natural wonder, but still Maasai Mara National Reserve holds the big five mammals including the leopards, lions, buffaloes, elephants, rhinos, also the reserve has got other various animal species and the bird species, where the tourists can get the chance of spotting all other wildlife that is found in the reserve, with the added advantage where the accommodation rates go down by up to 40% which guides the tourists budget to get  the most effective.

How to Plan a Kenya Safari on Budget
Maasai mara game sighting

Gather yourselves and share the costs.

A Kenya safari on budget can also be maintained, as in when you are more in number the costs will be low to rent the ideal ride for the  park, though majorly a Kenya safari can be the Kenya wildlife safari you can decide for example during game drives are usually guided but you can bring your own car and hire a guide specifically to reduce of the costs, that is the only trick is that the car has to be up to par and such rides are usually quite expensive to rent for it rent per day, and as the good bargaining power do help more.

Staying outside the park.

Most of the tourists engage themselves staying by  outside the national park as this saves serious cash, as catering for yourself buying yourself your own food, drinks, water, for example if you come to visit the  Maasai Mara National Reserve you can decide to go to the nearer closet town like Narok where you can get some accommodations at almost USD 10 per night, as you can get a free pass into Mara for 24 hours too, so it is a worthy deal, though the 10 USD is quite basic but the most fancier ones are always available for those who would wish to pay more than that.

Planning in advance.

Tourists should be aware that the best time to travel is before the peak season, and so if you want to plan your trip before prices peak, the best time is planning is three months in advance, though you can check with your local agency to be sure, as well the plane tickets may be cheaper during that time as this gives you the most enough time for you to get ready for the trip.

Selecting the owner-run lodges.

Tourists can as well exceed abit on the planned budget and which is not all that bad, there are several lodges in Kenya like Lewa wilderness lodge, Ol Malo in Laikipia and among others, as these are more than home where the tourists feel the Kenya’s adventure at a less cost.

How to Plan a Kenya Safari on Budget
Lewa wilderness lodge

Taking the road less travelled.

Tourists instead of wasting their time and money to the more crowded places like the Diani beach, instead they can explore other attractions like in Lake Nakuru National Park is can be less crowded, and this can be best for the international tourists that is the park has a variety to offer to the tourists, and also the tourists can enjoy the low rates, as well the tourists can enjoy their safari time in the elephant bedroom that is located in the northern Kenya in Samburu National Reserve on the shores of the Ewaso Nyiro River with serene sceneries which has many things to offer compared to the more crowded places.

What to carry.

Budget safaris in Kenya requires the best safari pictures that will make you to keep remained about your Kenya safari, that means you should need to carry a DSLR camera and a charging gear and if you’re staying outside the park make sure that you charge your camera and phones, in order to take the good pictures and not missing out capturing the pictures, you can as well come with another essential requirement that you may see can make your budget safari a perfect one.

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