Kenya Park Conservation fees 2021

Kenya Park Conservation fees 2021

Kenya Park Conservation fees 2021

Kenya Park Conservation fees 2021: Kenya is a very great safari destination in Africa blessed with a number of parks just likes its fellow east Africa counter parts Uganda ,Rwanda and Tanzania, on top of National parks it has conservancies and reserves to visit while on a Kenya safari in this amazing African destination. Most of the Kenya safari destinations are managed by Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS), this administrative body is tasked with drafting and issuing fees for all the parks, conservancies and reserves under its management. 

Below are the Kenya parks fees for 2021 

Daily park fees Citizens/Residents Non Resident
Adult (Kshs) Child/student







Amboseli & Nakuru

800 200 35 20


400 200 35 20
Wilderness parks (A)

Tsavo East &Tsavo West

500 200 30 20
Wilderness parks (B)

Kora, Aberdare & Meru

250 200 30 20
Marine Parks 

Kasite Mpunguti 

Malindi, Watamu, Mombasa & Kiunga 

200100 100100 1515 1010

Nairobi orphanage, Kisumu

Impala, Nairobi safari walk

200 100 20 10
Scenic/special interest (A)

Hells Gate, Elgon, Ol-Donyo Sabuk


250  200 20 15
Scenic/special interest (B)

All other parks and reserve 

250 100 20 10
CAMPING FEES Citizens/ residents Non-residents
Adult (Kshs) Child/Student (Kshs) Adult (Kshs) Child/Student (Kshs)
Special camps 
Premium parks 

(Amboseli & Lake Nakuru)

500 250 50 25
All other parks  250 200 35 20
Public camps 
Premium parks 

(Amboseli & Lake Nakuru)

250 200 30 25
All other parks  200 150 20 15
Reservation Fees (Non-refundable)                                                                                                7,500 Kshs
Cancellation Fees                                                                                                                                7,500 Kshs

For lodges inside KWS parks 





(Discount ) (Discount) 
100 participates and more  30% 30%
50-99 participants  20% 20%
30-49 participants 10% 10%
20-29 participants  5% 5%
MOUNTAIN CLIMBING  Citizens/residents  Non-residents 
Adult (Kshs) Child/student (Kshs) Adult (US$) Child/student (US$)
Mt. Kenya (Day trip) 250 215 30 20
Mt. Kenya (3 Day Package) 700 645 85 55
Mt. Kenya (4 Day Package) 950 860 110 75
Mt. Kenya (5 Day Package) 1,200 1,075 140 95
Mt. Kenya (6 Day Package) 1,450 1,290 175 115

Other charges 

Vehicle Fees Per day  Kshs
Less than 6 seats  300
6 to 12 seats 1,030
13 to 24 seats 2,585
25 to 44 seats  4,050
45 seats and above  5,000
Trucks & delivery vehicles 
1 to 3 tonnes  515
4 to 7 tonnes  2,155
Above 7 tonnes  3,015
Fees per day  300
Annual passes for private

(non-commercial boats)

Annual passes for commercial tourists vessels stationed or operating in the park  15,080
Aircrafts (single landing Fees)
Aircrafts with less than 3 seats
3 to 6 seats 
7 to 14 seats 
15 to 14 seats 
21 seats and above 
Helicopter landing on Mt. Kenya national park (US$)
Vehicles stationed in the park (per year)
PSVs<6 seats & commercial vehicles < 2 tonnes  10,000
PSVs<6 to 12 seats & commercial vehicles 2 to 5 tonnes 10,000
PSVs<6 to 13 seats & commercial Tour vehicles not stationed in the park  60,000
PSVs<13 seats & commercial vehicles >5tonnes 100,000
Annual passes Kshs
Adult annual pass 43,100
Child annual pass 10,340
Corporate annual pass 103,440
Personalized tour driver annual pass 4,000
Marine parks annual pass 10,340
Safari card application fees  1,030
Special services  Kshs
Event security per section of rangers 75,000
Vehicle recovery inside the park  7,500
Special activities  Kshs
Night game drive (per person per trip) 2,155
Lake boating (per person per trip) 1,290
Security/guided tours(per guide up to 4 hours) 1,720
Security/guided tours (per guide over 4 hours) 3,015
River rafting (per person) 1,720
Horse riding (excluding rider) – KWS horses 2,585
Private horses (per day) 1,030
Fishing (per line per day) 515
Fishing in Mt. Kenya (per line per day) 1,550
Bicycle hire (per day) 500
Cycling (per day) 215
Walking safaris (per person per day) 1,500

Useful guidelines 

Daily Fees: are single entry fees valid for 42 hours during your stay in national parks managed by Kenya Wildlife Services.

Citizens: are individuals who are citizens in Kenya and have a valid national ID or Passport, this category also includes citizens of Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan as long as they have valid passports or national IDs.

Residents: are individuals of other nationalities living in Kenya with valid documentation issued by the government of Kenya. 

Students: are individuals of 23 years and below from a recognized secondary, government or private college or university visiting Kenya parks with a purpose of learning about conservation on a documented and organized trip by their respective institutions.  This category excludes students on personally organized holidays, KWS requires a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice so as to issue a written authorization for student rates. 

Children: are individuals from 3 years but below the age of 18 years

Mount Kenya packages: these packages do not include camping fees as they are paid separately from the packages.

Corporate pass: is issued to eligible utility providers having installations within KWS managed parks/reserves.

KWS Self catering accommodation: there is a number of KWS managed self catering accommodation in various parks of Kenya, booking for these accommodations and inquiries are done through


  • Support responsible tourism by observing park rules and regulations 
  • You must present proof of identity before entry into parks, reserves and sanctuaries managed by KWS.
  • All parks, reserves and sanctuaries managed by KWS are single use plastic free zones. 

Mode of payment

Cashless mode of payment is highly recommended while making payments to Kenya parks and reserves, the following methods can be used 

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Bank transfer through KCB and Standard Chartered Bank
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