7 Days Kenya Safari

Kenya Safari Operators: Recommended List

Kenya Safari Operators : Recommended List

Kenya Safari Operators, this is the most stressful part of planning for your African Safari. All companies seems to be the best with the best prices and good looking itineraries. Yes there are limited issues of fraud and theft in Africa but still risks are available since you are going to only trust the Google analysis yet every one displays the best on internet.

The quality of your dream safari is highly determined by the reputation of the chosen Kenya Safari Operators who has good knowledgeable experience of the destination. We mostly advise our guest better to use a local Kenya Safari operator from the soil.

Kenya Safari Operators

Achieve Global Safaris
Tel: +256-392-177-904
Email: info@ugandasafaristours.com
Website: http://www.ugandasafaristours.com

Focus East Africa Tours

Tel: +255-764-687-041
Email: info@focuseastafricatours.com
Website: http://www.focuseastafricatours.com

Explore Rwanda Tours

Tel: +250-780-870-670
Email: info@explorerwandatours.com
Website: http://explorerwandatours.com

Rwanda Safaris Tours
Email: info@rwandasafaritour.com
Website: https://www.rwandasafaritour.com

Explore Rwanda Tours

Tel: +250-780-870-670
Email: info@explorerwandatours.com
Website: http://explorerwandatours.com

When choosing the best tour operator from thousands of African and foreign operators who are on the market there are several steps one is highly recommended to follow in order to achieve his or her dream life time experience basing on factors like: the price, activities to be done, type of accommodation, how informed is the operators and others.

Below are our few steps:

  1. Get Recommendations from other guests who have ever gone to that destination the local operator they used, their experience with them and others
  2. When sending an inquiry ask the rightful questions this helps you to indentify the right local operators who are well experienced and informed
  3. Check their credentials like membership on highly recommended tourism associations in the country like Kenya Association of Tour Operators for Kenya, Association of Uganda Tour operators in Uganda, Tanzania Association of Tour Operators in Tanzania and Rwanda Association of Tour Operators in Rwanda.
  4. 4 Payment Policies, this is very sensitive since it involves money. Its not easy to trust internet but you have to develop little trust during the time of exchanging emails with the company. After payments are received the operator should send you a receipt for acknowledging your payments.
  5. Cancellation and refund policy in case of any misfortune that makes you to postpone your trip which percentage of refund can be done at what period
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