VISA information

Kenya Visa Information 

Kenya Visa Information

Kenya Visa information : visa information is  a very vital information for travelers who like an adventure to different tourism destinations. Many guests worry a lot and ask more questions on the Kenya Visa information. Like any other countries in the world, entering Kenya requires one to have a VISA which costs 51 USD and 21 USD for a transit VISA. The 1 USD is for the surcharge of E-VISA and credit card handling services and if one pays in cash on arrival it will cost him or her 50$ and 20$ for a Single entry and transit visa respectively.

For one to enter Kenya a valid passport is required as a must which has at least a minimum of 6 months’ validity from the date your entering Kenya. The passport must have enough space not less than two pages which are black.

The Kenyan VISA can be got on current e-visa platform, and one can apply for a visa online through the website: One can also get the Kenya visa on arrival at the airport. One can also apply for the East African tourist visa which allows one to visit all the three East African countries those are Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda. To Apply online there are some countries that cannot or who do not qualify to get Kenyan Visa online. These countries are Afghanistan, Armenia, Cameroon, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, North Korea, Palestine, Somalia, Azerbaijan and Tajikistan. For all the above countries one needs a referral VISA in order to enter Kenya. For those countries, one has to obtain their Visa through our embassies in their countries or get on arrival at our international airport.

How to obtain a Kenyan VISA / Visa Information

One can get a Kenyan visa easily either on arrival or from the country embassies across the world. It takes less than 30 minutes to get a visa on arrival with a form to fill at the immigration office at the airport or border. You can also access the Kenya visa on the embassy especially for countries that cannot get e-visa. You can use the website Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kenya website, to check all the embassies across the world. Lastly, you can apply online and attach all the necessary documents ad get your e-visa sent to you.

Kenya visa can be single entry or multiple VISAs. Single visa is mostly for guests who come to Kenya for business, medical reasons or Tourism. The single visa entry is valid for 3 months that is 90 days. One is allowed to be in Kenya for a period of not exciding 90 days. One can renew his or her Kenya Visa at the migration headquarters in Nairobi of from their embassy.  

Other forms of Kenyan VISA include:

  • Transit VISA: This is issued to people who are connecting to their next destination through Kenya. This is valid for the period not exceeding 72 hours, this can allow someone to do brief shopping before you proceed with your journey.
  • Courtesy VISA: This is a Kenyan visa issued to a specific group of people also called Diplomatic Visa. The people who qualify for this Kenyan visa are people who hold diplomatic passports, government officials, official business categories and VIP class.
  • East African VISA: These are good for guests who wish to travel across all the three East African countries of Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. This visa cannot be applied online but obtained on arrival at the cost of 100$.
  • Multiple Entry VISA: This is one of the Kenyan VISA that suits mostly the business people who enter the country several times within a short period of time. One can obtain multiple entry visa at 100$

Requirements for the Online VISA application/ VISA information

For all online visa applications, one must attach the following documents depending on the main purpose of travelling to Kenya.

  • Business visitorsThey need letters of invitation from a recognised company or invitation letter for the business forum you’re going to attend. The other is copies of your business registration certificates to show the genuinity of your business.
  • Family visitingAny traveller intending to come to Kenya for a family visit must attach an invitation letter from the family. The national identity card or passport or entry permit of the host
  • Tourist: You need to attach your travel itinerary with headed paper from the local tour operator hosting you. If not an itinerary with the proof of the hotel and lodge bookings and tour places like Maasai Mara National Reserve.

For all the above, the key travel documents required for any traveller who wishes get the Kenya VISA must attach the scanned copy of the passport with not less than 6-months validity, passport size photograph and a return ticket. 

“For those who have been asking more questions about VISA information am sure this article will now answer all your thoughts and questions about Kenya visa.”

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