Lemek Conservancy

Lemek Conservancy

Lemek Conservancy

Lemek Conservancy is the best game viewing areas in Masai Mara, located on the Northen sector of the game reserve with an area of approximately 19,000 acres of land with the aim of maximizing sustainable Mara eco system.

Lemek Conservancy was known as Koyaiki Lemek Conservation Area which was named after the local community name where the conservancy occupies and the partners Koyaiki Group Ranch, the name was changed after some time when more landowners and stake holders in tourism joined in that is Lemek Group Ranch.  Some part of the land was merged to Mara North which led to the reduction of the size for the conservation to the current estimated 19,000 acres even if the actual size is not yet been sure and released by their board but it remains at that level.

Lemek is still been affected with some management issues as the land was initially owned by the Maasai local communities before being taken by Koyaiki Group Ranch and later the Lemek Group Ranch. The other big challenge is balancing the needs of the local communities with the protection and conservation of the wildlife habitats which are critically endangered due to serious encroachment by the locals.

The conservancy has a big advantage in that game viewing can be done throughout the year in an open grassland savannahs with few dotted trees that line along the Mara River hence attracting big cats like Leopards who like to be on trees. The wildlife is mostly much during the annual wildebeest great migration. The conservancy offers best night game drives, off-road game viewing, nature walks and cultural or community tours.

Lemek Conservancy offers mostly budget accommodation with over 80 rooms  which are constructed by two member accommodations those are Mara River Lodge and Enkerende Tented Camp.

When it comes to accessibility, Lemek Conservancy is the easiest to reach taking just 4 hours drive from Nairobi with 75% of the road being smooth and well tarmacked with good scenic views when driving.

You can also access the conservancy by flights with the nearest airstrip found in Mara North or Ngerende airstrip which has daily scheduled flights from Wilson airport in Nairobi city.

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