Malaria in Masai Mara national reserve

Malaria in Masai Mara national reserve

Malaria in Masai Mara national reserve

Malaria in Masai Mara national reserve, Masai Mara national reserve like any other Kenyan tourism destination is under the management of the country laws of travel. Masai Mara is always known as Malaria free destination but in specific months. In every successful travel experience, the traveller has to consider health status. Different countries demand for different health vaccination in order to travel to the country. Its always advisable that travelers must consult their private physician before traveling. The most recommended time is 6 weeks before the travel date. 

Malaria in Masai Mara national reserve is very minimal cases due to the fact that all lodges and camps at the reserve has mosquito nets. Guest may not have the Malaria vaccination but can move with their Antimalarial as its clear that prevention is better than cure. Alternatively, the guest must move with insect repellent and the most recommended are the DEET which are more effective. This is done to avoid risks of being bitten by the mosquitoes during time for the game drive or evening fire camping. 

Infact it’s a myth for one to say that Masai Mara is mosquito-free, true the temperatures are very hot at the reserve but this will not eliminate mosquitoes completely from the place. Almost all African countries are not malaria free only that the level of Malaria is low in some destinations hence making guests to relax. We keep you informed that plan and prepare well when planning for your safari to Masai Mara national reserve. If your pregnant then you need to be extra careful sleep early always be protected against mosquitoes. 

Malaria vaccination is not mandatory when entering Kenya but its one of the key vaccinations for self-protection when visiting Kenya especially in the protected areas. Malaria in Masai Mara national reserve is present and guests are strongly advised to take Malaria prophylactics. This should be done before your trip, during your trip and also after the trip before traveling back. For the best consult your private or any professional medical personal that will guide you on the dosage and other important things to take note of.

Its always good for the guests to note that apart from Malaria in Masai Mara national reserve, they are advised to have other vaccinations as listed below.

Yellow fever vaccination: This is the key vaccination for one to enter most of the African countries. Without this vaccination, you will not get a visa to enter Kenya. You must show a yellow fever vaccination certificate so as to access entry to Kenya.

Hepatitis A&B: This is another key vaccination though not much required before entering Kenya but helps a person. This is one of the deadliest diseases that can easily be got from direct contact with an affected person. Having this vaccination makes you safe from the infection. 

Typhoid and Cholera: These are low but great vaccinations that are good to have before coming to Kenya. This is just under the emergency part. This are seasonal diseases that occur mostly in rainy seasons of the year only. They are water born diseases that are caused after much raining and dirtiness in the area. They are rare disease but once in a while, they break out if the rains are too much causing floods in the area.

Contacting the right tour operator when planning for your safari to Masai Mara national reserve puts you on the right track. They always advise their guests on the key requirements and basic health information to note before the guests come to Kenya or Masai Mara national reserve. The parking list is another preventive measure that keeps you far away from this effect of Malaria in the Masai Mara national reserve. Your tour consultant can also give you on the key requirements that are needed for one to enter to Kenya.  And among the list the vaccinations will not miss so as to acquire the Kenyan visa. 

Malaria in Masai Mara national reserve
Masai Mara national reserve

Please note that there is now free Malaria in Masai Mara national reserve but the mosquitoes are few especially during the dry months that is from June to October but that will not rule the fact that there is Malaria in Masai Mara. Take more privation measures than cure to enjoy the best of Masai Mara. Your all welcome to the best juggle in the world that is homing all the members of African big 5.

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