Masai Mara National Reserve Rules

Masai Mara National Reserve Rules

Masai Mara National Reserve Rules

Masai Mara National Reserve Rules are the regulations or instructions that must be obeyed by every traveler accessing the park for Safari. Masai Mara national reserve rules were set by the Narok Council together with the Trans- Mara council. The main objective of the Masai Mara national reserve rules is to see the best conservation of the reserve for the future generation. To protect all the natural attractions that are found at Masai mara national reserve. This includes the natural environment that is composed of the open short savannah grasslands, dotted Woodland that is dominated by the Acacia trees, swamps along the Talek and Sand rivers, hills and others.

All the Masai Mara national reserve rules are supposed to be observed by all the guests who visit the reserve. The council also attached the penalizes to these rules in case one breaks any of them during your stay at the park.

Masai Mara national reserve rules are cleared written at the gate entrances notice boards and some designated areas. All the driver guides are aware of the Masai Mara national reserve rules and they always take initiative to advise or brief the guests before any of the activities are done. This helps the guests and guides to be on the same ground while doing the activities.

The following are the key Masai Mara national reserve rules

  • One of the greatest Masai Mara national reserve rules is that driver guides or guests are not allowed to off track (Drive off the road) This is a more paramount rule that helps to achieve the objective of conserving the reserve.
  • No noise both by humans (guests) or hooting by cars. The guests are supposed to be silent during game drives at the reserve. This is to allow the wildlife to enjoy their rights of peaceful nature all day long. The noise will interfere with the daily animal activities as it causes fear and interruptions. 
  • Switch off or put phones on silent while inside the park. The tone sounds of the phones can scare away the animals while others can make the animals charge against you. The Reserve is a wildlife home as their natural habitats with no humans.
  • The speed limit while on the game drive or inside the park is 50km/hr. The speed limit helps to protect the accidents of wildlife at the park. Animals move free and cross the roads at any time with no communication hence observing the maximum speed limit is paramount.
  • Not more than 5 safari cars are allowed to be around one animal for a long time. If the vehicles are many then the time limit of 10 minutes is observed so that as other cars are leaving others are arriving. This interval helps the wildlife not to get overused to the guests hence changing its character from true wildlife to habituated wildlife.
  • A maximum of 100 meters’ distance to the wildlife must be observed. You are not allowed to be too close to the wildlife unless it moves close to your car by itself. 
  • Feeding of wildlife is completely prohibited. If you are got feeding the wildlife you will be penalized and chased away from Masai Mara national park.
  • All guests or driver guides are not allowed to take any sample of specimens outside the park unless you have been cleared for research purposes only.
  • Guests must give maximum respect to nature by not making any calling calls to animals, clapping hands, slamming doors and other acts that can pursue the wildlife. You should avoid al kind of playing games or tactics that tries to corn or habituate wildlife.
  • Another Masai Mara national reserve rules is that no littering. You have to keep the park safe and clean as you got it. In case of any litter look for the dust bins that are placed in some designated areas and drop your litter there.
  • No smoking is another key point during the game drives. Smoking must be done in camps or designated areas and not in public. 
  • You are not allowed to be outside the safari car unless it’s in a designated park area. If one wants to do walking safari it must be under the escort of the park ranger with an armed gun. This is to avoid unnecessary park deadly attacks from wildlife.
  • No one is allowed to enter the national reserve without paying the park entry fees.
Masai Mara National Reserve Rules
A group of young people engages in a Masai Mara Safari obeying the Masai Mara National Reserve Rules

All travellers who intend to visit Masai Mara national reserve must be aware of Masai Mara national reserve rules. This helps you to enjoy the best of the wildlife experience while conserving for the future generation. Break of the park rules will lead to penalties at the park which can be charged in money or expulsion from the reserve.  

If anyone violets the Masai Mara national reserve rules, you will be penalized with a fine of 10,000Ksh. Or the vehicle or travellers removed or banned from the National reserve immediately. 

Other penalties are:

Off-road driving (off truck) 10,000
Possession of Invalid park ticket  3,000 per person
Littering inside the park 500
Default on paying park entry fee 2,000
Noise, car hooting or animal harassment 10,000

All the penalties must be paid at the park offices before leaving the reserve. You must obtain the penalty payment receipt so as to allow you to cross the park gates. If you fail to pay the penalty you will be banned from entering Masai Mara national reserve. Together we can conserve and protect the values of Masai Mara national reserve. All travellers and driver-guides are advised to maximally observe the Masai Mara national reserve rules to avoid any inconveniences during your safari. The park rules are written on the boards at the park gates, we also have the soft copy or hard copy on the brochures.


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