Hell’s gate National Park

Most 10 Epic Adventure for Kenya Safari

Most 10 Epic Adventure for Kenya Safari : Kenya is a safari destination that offers the most beautiful natural beauty, the soul-stirring cultural encounters, a variety of the wildlife, Wildebeest Migration, game viewing and bird  watching no wonder what, Kenya is a blessed safari destination. As from spotting the Wildebeest in the Maasai Mara National Reserve, you proceed to Amboseli national park where you enjoy the free ranging elephants against the backdrop of the Mount Kilimanjaro heading to Samburu to see the special five, Kenya safari is the most great one because it does not disappoint the tourist, it embraces the guests with beach safaris, bird watching safaris, trekking safaris, biking safaris, hiking safaris, cultural safaris and many others compared to other East African countries. Select Kenya for either your short trip or long trip to enjoy the most adventures in the country on offer.

Most 10 epic adventure for Kenya Safari.

Maasai Mara National Reserve safari by hot air balloon.

The tourists do enjoy the hot air balloon safari in Maasai Mara National Reserve, here the whole new perspective as you see the vultures nests from the above while watching the most wildlife in the reserve while hiding in the bush waiting for their prey, minus that the tourists enjoy the sunrise and floating around in the above in the sky which happens once in the while but brings you the best memories. The hot air balloon takes about an hour with the champagne breakfast awaiting you at a makeshift camp in the savannah.

Most 10 Epic Adventure for Kenya Safari
Hot Air Balloon Tours

Spotting the big five in the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

The Big five are the most adventure in Maasai Mara national Reserve for all the tourists who are wildlife lovers. The Big five means the most dangerous of the Africa’s big game that the hunters were mostly facing difficulties while hunting them like the lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, and rhino. These big five mammals gives the best memories to the wildlife lovers because they can be spotted in the large numbers.

Watching the Great Migration in action.

Great Migration is mostly known as the natural phenomenon of the wildebeest migration on safari known as the Maasai Mara-Serengeti ecosystem that takes place between July to October, this is where you can spot millions and millions of the wildebeest and the thousands of the zebras crossing the Maasai River and other mammals like the gazelles, elands while looking for the fresh pasture and water. According to the science and research it is said that the Herd Tracker tool is aweb-app which plots the precise location of the great wildebeest migration in real time to a Google map. The great Migration will give you the best in Kenya safari.

Hiking Mount Longonot.

Mount Longonot is a dormant stratovolcano mountain which is located around 60km from Nairobi and 2780 meters above the sea level, it is said that it was last erupted in 1863. Hiking the Mount Longonot is such amazing compared to hiking the Mount Kenya, the start of hike to the rim of the crater is around 3km which is steep, when you hike up to the rim and you look down into the crater where there is deep, tall forestation that’s where the warthogs and leopards and many other animal species roam from, the hiking safari to Mount Longonot takes you a period of 5 to 6 hours.

Most 10 Epic Adventure for Kenya Safari
Mount Longnot

Watch Wildlife on a boat tour of Lake Naivasha.

A boat tour on the freshwater of Lake Naivasha gives you the spotting of the endless amount of wildlife species, as well while watching them across the Lake Naivasha, like the wildebeest, water bucks, hippos, while for the case of the hippos they spend the day wallowing in the water and they do come out of the water during the night to feed. During your time on a boat tour of Lake Naivasha you can as well watch some bird species like the black herons, African spoonbill usually at the edge of the water or in the trees near the lake.

Lake Naivasha is also well known as the only lake breathtakingly beautiful it is famous for a couple on more reasons it is former home of Joy Adamson the author of ‘’Born Free’’ it is told that the animals were brought there for making out the film, ‘’Out Of Africa’’ which is said that it is among the reasons to why there are no predators amongst them.

Safari by Bike at Hell’s Gate National Park.

Biking safari in Hell’s Gate National Park is the best way to explore the entire park, this is mostly done because of the less predators, as it said that it is the reason that the setting of Hell’s Gate National Park and Pride Rock was a big inspiration for the Disney blockbuster, The King of the jungle. Compared to game drives in other parks, biking is the best way to spot the most of the animal species in the park like the zebras, gazelles, giraffes, elands, and the same time biking is health wise to the body.

Hiking the gorge at Hells’ Gate National Park.

The gorge in Hell’s Gate National Park has an outlet from Lake Naivasha which is a playground for the tourists, the salt of the volcanic sandstone turns the fresh water into algae which can be seen along the walk, the favorite feed for flamingos, when you reach at the top of the gorge and you are rewarded and admired with sensational volcanic landscape, then you can proceed and hire rock climbing gear at Hell’s Gate National Park and you go for the marvelous adventures of Kenya, Most 10 Epic Adventure for Kenya Safari.

Exploring the sacred caves on Menengai Volcano.

The sacred caves on the Menengai Volcano are among the biggest calderas in the world, the crater is 12 km diameter and 90 sq.km in these and although is still dormant still now, the last eruption occurred in 1991. During the 19th century, the caldera used to be a watch tower as the Maasai tribes used to fight one another against to claim the lands and animals. One of the massacre took place outside the crater where many bodies were buried afterwards; the Menengai simply means the ‘’place for the dead bodies’’.

As while you move down to the Menegai Sacred Caves, that’s where the pilgrim come from Kenya to pray, at the same place during the 1950’s that’s where the Mau Mau’s would use those caves as the hiding points. Below the sacred caves there is forest that inhabits animal species like snakes, baboons and many more.

Meet the Maasai Tribes.

Meeting the Maasai tribe is among the most precious experience on a Kenya safari, as they welcome you to their Manyatta or Maasai Village, in their villages you find the handcrafts in their shops here the tourists  supports them by purchasing and buying some of them. The village chief welcomes and greets you and here he takes you through the Maasai culture, history, diet, dressing code and many more.

The Maasai men wear the red garments then Shuka in the Maa language, while the women and the girls will appear in their traditional dress ready to entertain guests while dressed in their jewelry and various designs as they sing around manyatta as the way of flirting.

Most 10 Epic Adventure for Kenya Safari
Maasai Community

Relaxing at Mvuke Natural Spa.

The Mvuka Natural spa is the final epic adventure in everything, as the water is very pale blue in colour and warm, head over to the inlet and the water is very toasty indeed. The water at the Mvuke Natural spa is such a relaxing one and has got health benefits to relax muscles, in opening the skins pores or free facial, and the water has minerals that heals skin diseases like Psoriasis, as at times the water can be smelling the rotten eggs Sulphur stench though your aim is to be relaxed.

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