Ol Choro Oiroua

Ol Choro Oiroua conservancy is managed by Seiya Limited under the control of Fairmont Kenya, it covers a total area of 17,000 acres of land. Its located in the Northern part of the Masai Mara national reserve with its greatest uniqueness from other conservancies being that even the youngest members of the benefiting tribes get their benefits from Ol Choro Oiroua conservancy.

Many schools have been established in the conservancy to enhance and uplift the level of education from the local communities for example Enkerende primary school which is fully funded by the Ol Choro Oiroua conservancy funds but run by the church setting. The conservancy also works hard to improve the economic status by supporting very many local projects that help and empower the locals with knowledge and other forms of not only getting money but how to use the available resources well through managing wastes in the area to avoid or reducing the negative impact of tourism in an area.

Ol Choro Oiroua

Ol Choro Oiroua conservancy has worked hard to ensure proper management of waste  by providing opportunities to the maasai locals for income generating projects through cultural conservation and self dependant through community income generating projects for example the women project that makes hand crafts like handbags, sculptures, Jewelry and others using local materials from the community.

Accommodation in the conservancy includes the largest Fairmont Mara safari club, Ngerende Island Lodge and Richard’s Forest Camp.

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