Parks or conservancies which is best

Parks or conservancies which is best : Everyone is aware of the exceptional national parks of East Africa, including the Serengeti, Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park, Volcanoes National Park and Maasai Mara National Reserve. However, conservancies designated protected areas dispersed throughout Kenya and Tanzania may not be as well-known to you. These areas are also protected areas where the environment and animals are shielded from the ravages of contemporary development. One significant distinction between both areas is that conservancies are owned and run by the local indigenous population, whereas parks are owned and managed by the relevant national agency. The goals of both projects are to preserve wildlife in its most natural habitat while giving safari visitors the chance to interact and explore with the animals up close.

So what’s the difference between a conservancy and a national park?

Due of the national parks’ extensive bureaucracy, guides and their guests are required to follow some stringent regulations. Parks are restricted in their operating hours, often opening from dawn till dusk. The majority of national parks forbid nighttime wildlife drives, if that’s what you were intending to do. Additionally, off-road driving is prohibited in the parks; instead, visitors must stay on the designated routes, which are typically rather large.

Generally speaking, neither the number of guests nor the number of cars near an animal sighting are restricted by the parks. This can occasionally result in an overabundance of safari visitors congregated in one location.

However, the parks are frequently positioned to provide views of events that are not available in the conservancies. For example, the spectacle of thousands of wildebeests flowing over the Mara River in the Maasai Mara Reserve is only seen from July through October during a safari. The negative drawbacks of the park can be more than offset by this.

Parks or conservancies which is best
Maasai Mara national Reserve

Why visit a Conservancy?

The idea of a conservancy like Ol Pejeta conservancy, Lewa wildlife conservancy and among others have been fantastic in preserving the environment, animals, and indigenous people’s way of life. In a fantastic move, they have partnered with other hospitality endeavours to establish tiny lodges and camps with restricted visitor spaces, as well as protected areas where the ground has been rehabilitated and a large number of animals are drawn in. This makes the experience calmer and maybe more private while also limiting the number of safari visitors to a tolerable level. In a conservancy, there aren’t many other cars and unique experiences like nighttime wildlife drives, nature hikes, and bush breakfasts and dinners are offered.

All experiences, sights, and activities aren’t offered in these smaller conservancy areas, though. Thus, consider what is appropriate for your safari experience. Maybe spending some time in the national parks and conservancies will fulfil your desire to view all the animals you want to see and will provide you with the safari experience you have always imagined. Our focus is always on options.

Tell us about your dreams, and we will assist you in making this most enjoyable of choices that will give you the most impressive memories in your entire life that is either a national park or a conservancy.

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