Perfect Kenya safari vehicle

Perfect Kenya safari vehicle : Lions, leopards, elephants, giraffes, rhinos, and 4×4 Jeeps, among other animals. What would a safari be like without one? There’s a good reason why the practicality, tradition, and robust design of the Jeep have come to be associated with wild game drives in Africa. You have undoubtedly seen photographs of this common place vehicle in safari-themed photos, videos, TV shows, and films.

The 4 x 4 has grown since its beginnings more than 80 years ago to become the premier safari vehicle, and it has only gotten better with time. You can get near to the wildlife because to its sturdy, simple chassis, which has overcome hills, bushes, rivers, dirt, and anything else that Mother Nature has thrown in its way.

We offer Land Cruiser Jeeps, which are designed for safari adventure, are unmatched when it comes to getting you across mud, rock, dense woodlands, or deep water so you can see that elusive pride of lions or a remote herd of gazelles.

What’s the secret of the Jeep? 

There’s simply nothing to hide. The rugged qualities of the Jeep are ones that are not immediately noticeable. The Jeep sits high off the ground and can easily navigate through moving water or rocks because to its robust suspension and huge, durable tyres. Visitors to safaris can travel farther into the bush, where the action is, because to this high platform’s powerful torque, which can propel them over barriers and up slopes.

The extra feet of suspension provide safari visitors with a greater view of the approaching environment and the wildlife moving over it, and the same suspension guarantees a secure and comfortable ride. Additionally, the pop-up top and big windows give the perspective even more depth.

And then we added our Improvements.

 We at Focus East Africa Tours have long been showcasing the finest of the African safari lifestyle to visitors, and we’ve picked up a few pointers along the way. We have therefore modified our 4x4s for your convenience, security, safety, and amusement.

Nothing can halt our journey because each of our Land Cruisers has two fuel tanks and extra tyres. You’ll find the following features on your safari ride:

Long-range high-frequency radios.

Perfect Kenya safari vehicle
Perfect Kenya safari vehicle

4G broadband Wi-Fi.

Plug-in power – AC 3-pin sockets at 230V and 300W.

Portable ridge/cooler boxes.

First Aid Kits.


Safari Guide Books.

Child/baby seats.

Convenient side steps.

And a welcoming, knowledgeable, multilingual safari driver/guide who will make sure your safari is an unforgettable safari adventure.

And here’s our Guarantee.

 Some tour operators will transport you on your safari in a minivan. As an alternative, they’ll charge extra to send you out in a 4 x 4. Not us. A 4 x 4 Land Cruiser Jeep is included in every Focus East Africa Tours reservation at no additional cost to you.

The best way, in our opinion, to go on safari and make the most of your time in our holy environments’ vast savannahs, forests, and rolling hills is to do it this way. We wouldn’t want you to have a lesser experience. So join us on a safari in the 4 x 4 Jeep, the vehicle that was created for this adventurous planet.

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