Reasons to visit Naivasha

Reasons to visit Naivasha : Naivasha is a great safari tourism destination, the destination is popular in Kenya, Naivasha is known as a large town in Nakuru County in Kenya, and the Naivasha lies on 92.8km (57.7 mi) by the road towards North West of Nairobi. Naivasha is as well-known as the unique town because of its strong populations of the flamingos and the hippos. Naivasha is situated 76 kilometers from Nairobi, Naivasha Kenya is an hour’s drive through the Great Rift Valley, 63 km from the Nakuru town and 516 km from Mombasa. The name Naivasha is a Maasai word ‘’Nai posha’’ which means ‘’Rough water’’. Naivasha is proximity to Nairobi, it is a popular place to visit because of its various destinations for all the people and its ideal location for relaxation, wildlife viewing, hiking safari, horse-riding, cycling safari any many more.

Mount Longonot.

Tourists do visit Naivasha to explore the Mount Longonot that is the visitors do enjoy the walking, hiking safari, this is a 25 minutes away from Naivasha. Mount Longonot is known as the extinct volcano. Tourists do enjoy the walk up and down, and also around the crater which takes them around four hours, reaching at the rim of the Mount Longonot is a great achievement for the tourists as this gives him the greatest views of the neighboring area without forgetting the Lake Naivasha.

Reasons to visit Naivasha
Mount Longonot

Lake Naivasha.

Lake Naivasha is a great safari tourist destination in Naivasha that the tourists do come to Lake Naivasha for various reasons that is, most of the tourists enjoy the boat ride safari that takes place with in the Lake Naivasha as during the activity the tourists do enjoy the viewing of over 1500 hippo as well the tourists can enjoy taking the pictures that can be nice ones while in the water carrying out the boat ride safari.  The tourists can as well do enjoy the bird  watching of the various bird species around the Lake Naivasha that are over 400 bird species including the most colorful and beautiful bird species like the weavers, cormorants, giant kingfishers, hamerkops, pelicans and among others. Also other animal species to be spotted around the Lake includes the buffalo, zebra, waterbuck, impala, various species of monkey and many others, Reasons to visit Naivasha.

On a safari to Lake Naivasha the guests can as well carry out the fishing safari from Lake Naivasha, this is where the lake has got various fish species including the cat fish, tilapia and many others. Lake Naivasha is a RAMSAR site and there are over 450 distinct avian species, all of which depend on the lake for survival.

Kigio wildlife conservancy.

Kigio wildlife conservancy is also the main reason for the tourists to visit Naivasha that is it derives its name –Kigio from the area where the community that owns it came from, it was originally a cattle ranch that was owned by the settlers then after buying the local community decided that there could be more revenue from eco-tourism, the fees that are paid by the tourists to visit the Kigio wildlife conservancy helps the community and help cover the cost maintenance.

Crater Lake.

Crater Lake it can be also be called Sonachi which is a small, saline-alkaline lake to the immediate west of the Lake Naivasha inside a larger volcanic crater, with sides intact, the Crater Lake is privately owned, maintained as a sanctuary with the most special and a small tented camp above the lake. The Sonachi crater lake gives you unparalleled serenity and tranquility unlike anywhere else, the tourists on a safari to the crater lake can be able to see the most incredible beautiful volcanic lake that is tasseled with the acacia trees that beautify the surrounding of the lake, where the tourists can be to spot over 150 bird species without forgetting both the greater and lesser flamingo, Reasons to visit Naivasha.

On a Kenya safari to the crater lake in Naivasha, the tourists as well can get the chance of spotting different animal species that can be viewed inside the volcanic crater like the giraffes, antelopes, Thomson’s gazelle, colobus monkey and among many others, on the other side the tourists can enjoy the hiking safari around the hill to the crater lake that takes about 1.5 hours as during the hiking the tourists do spot various animal species and various bird species.

Fisherman’s camp.

Fisherman’s camp is situated almost on the shores of the Lake Naivasha, the camp has got a variety of the beautiful shade of the acacia trees up into the hills where the tourists during a safari can relish spectacular views of the lake and surrounding area, the camp has got the most amazing accommodation facilities in cottages, camping and tents and the food can be served in their respective proportion.

Crescent Island.

Crescent Island is known as the game sanctuary located on the eastern side of the Lake Naivasha, the island was formed around 1988 after Lake Naivasha, and water level dropped significantly allowing the Crescent Island to be part of the mainland. The crescent island is so favorable to the tourists on a safari that is the island has got the most amazing game viewing spot for variety of the animal species like the impalas, zebras, giraffes and among others also the several avian species and aquatic habitat so the tourists can as well spot the hippos that easily be spotted from the island. Bird watching safari is also done especially by the bird lovers in the crescent island to spot bird species like the herons, ospreys, fish eagle and more.

Hell’s gate National Park.

Hell’s Gate National Park is located south of Lake Naivasha, the park has got a variety of the Kenya wildlife safari and a variety of the bird species. Tourists do visit the park because of the most amazing scenery that is characterized by the towering cliffs, gorges, rock towers, belching plumes of the geothermal steams. Tourists on their safari to Hell’s gate national park can spot animal species like the zebras, Thomson’s gazelle hartebeest, African buffalos, eland and many others without forgetting the most awesome colorful bird species like the augur buzzards, vultures and among more.

Reasons to visit Naivasha
Biking around Hell’s gate National Park

Crayfish camping.

Crayfish camp can be done in Naivasha and is located along the Moi outh Lake Road, the campers experience the wild nature of the area and besides that the tourists enjoy a variety of the activities like horse riding, nature walks, boating, picnicking and among others. Camping is so great in the area in that it has excellent cuisine especially fresh crayfish from Lake Naivasha, this is where you can enjoy your time from the noise of the city with your family or friends, Reasons to visit Naivasha.

Lake Oloiden.

Lake Oloiden is the little lake next to Lake Naivasha, the two lakes are like twins since what happens on the Lake Naivasha has to affect the Lake Oloiden also. Tourists visit the Lake Oloiden because it is such fresh water and then the flocks of crimson flamingo have been replaced by the flocks of the fresh water birds that are over 400 bird species including the African fish eagles, herons, storks, pelicans and many others.

Lake Oloiden is well known for its finest sites in the Great Rift Valley that offers the good quality pitches with a wide range of the facilities that makes the camping safari very efficient for the tourists.

Hippo Point and Dodo Tower.

Hippo point is the great private wildlife conservancy sitting on an isthmus between lake Naivasha and Lake Oloiden, the tourists on a safari enjoy the breathtaking views over the Oloiden Bay and follow at close range the movements of the hippos, zebra, giraffe the foot of the eight-story 120 foot Tower which is ideal for a family looking for a unique luxury safari experience or lovers seeking a romantic gateway.

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