Safari activities to do in Aberdare National Park

Safari activities to do in Aberdare National Park : Situated in Central Kenya’s southwest is Aberdare National Park. The park lies east of the Rift Valley and north of Nairobi. The park is 296 square miles (767 square km) in size. Aberdare is a group of African ecosystems that is varied and eclectic. The Aberdare Mountain Range forms the valley’s backdrop, and streams and rivers wind through them. There are summits in the range that are 13,000 feet (4,000 m) high. Waterfalls are created by streams and rivers that flow into the valley from the mountains. Rich, diversified rainforests and bamboo forests are adjacent to the temperate grasslands. Some of the greatest waterfalls are found in the forested ravines. An wealth of diverse fauna finds the ideal home in these different surroundings.

Aberdare is a refuge for wildlife. Travellers may be lucky enough to spot lions, leopards, African wild dogs, hyenas, jackals, and African golden cats, among other predator species. Eland, bushbuck, buffalo, reedbuck, giant forest hog, warthog, and the critically endangered black rhinoceros are a few more well-known species. This is a birdwatcher’s delight as well. There are more than 250 different kinds of birds, such as the magnificent African fish eagle and the African goshawk, among many more. With illuminated drinking holes, The Ark and Treetops offer night time wildlife viewing.

This is a Kenya wildlife safari destination, with the main attraction for many tourists, young and old, being witnessing the diverse and abundant animals in the Aberdare National Park, which is home to a sizable population of elephant and rhino. There are a lot of tourism activities available in Aberdare National Park for those who are interested in outdoor adventure and wildlife, making it a great kenya safari destination for those who love terrain and wildlife. These activities include:

Game drives

For those seeking adventure and adventures, the Aberdare National Park is a popular kenya safari place for game drive safaris in Kenya. Driving through the park in a safari vehicle, game drives offer an exciting adventure activity that allows tourists to witness a wide variety of animals that inhabits the area. Those who are most familiar with the locations and nooks where our company’s animals are usually discovered will be the ones moving with our game drive. Witnessing the untamed fauna from the comfort of your open-air vehicle can be an enthralling experience, especially when accompanied by our knowledgeable kenya safari guide. Should an attack occur, you can also be escorted by a game ranger.

One of the tourist attractions in Aberdare National Park is park game drives. Take advantage of this wonderful park’s cool climate and experience game drives day or night to encounter the park’s diverse wildlife, including the Big Five safaris and several rare and unique species of wild cats. Night time game drives also offer a higher chance of nocturnal sightings.

Karuru waterfalls

Another thrilling tourist attraction in Aberdare National Park is the walk to the stunning Karuru waterfalls. Visitors can explore the park’s magnificent waterfalls on their adventure; a visit to the Karuru and Chaina waterfalls will provide an exciting and adventurous experience, as well as private nature walks in the moorlands where you can take in the breathtaking beauty of the Lesatima and Kinangop peaks at a glance. The tallest waterfall in the park is called Karuru Waterfall. It has three stages that total 895.67 feet (273 m) of descent. The longest drop is 26 metres after the first stage falls (117 metres), and the last drop is 130 metres to the water below.

Big 5 safaris

The phrase “Big 5” was first used by hunters who thought that hunting these five species was among the hardest in Africa. The Big 5 consist of the following animals: buffalo, lion, leopard, elephant, and rhino. All five of these species, as well as many more, can be found roaming the national park. With the second-largest black rhino population, Kenya offers a truly exceptional wildlife experience.

Safari activities to do in Aberdare National Park
Big 5


A haven for many Kenya safari tourist attractions, Aberdare National Park’s mild environment, enveloping mists, chilly rivers, streams, and distinctive vegetation are home to a variety of wildlife species and breathtaking landscape. Given its high altitude, Aberdare National Park is a great place for topographical enthusiasts and birdwatchers to observe Kenya’s wildlife. Its captivating landscapes include mountainous peaks covered in dense alpine vegetation, deep v-shaped valleys filled with dense, misty tropical rainforests, lush grasslands intersected by streams, wide rivers, magnificent waterfalls rising to a height of 300 metres, open wild moorland, and baboon grooves.

Game viewing

The eastern black rhinoceros is one of the wildlife species that Aberdare National Park offers as one of its main kenya tours tourist attractions. The park is home to the second-largest population of these rhinos. African golden cats and giant antelopes, such as Bongo, are among the extremely rare animal species that can be seen in the park. Other wildlife species that can be found in Aberdare National Park include large herds of elephants—more than 2,000 in number—east African wild dogs, warthogs, duikers, olive baboons, black and white colobus monkeys, and sykes monkeys. In this park, sightings of serval cats, spotted hyenas, bush pigs, and occasionally the elusive black leopard are frequent. The lion is also found here, though it is not frequently sighted.


Aberdares National Park is a birding safari destination in Kenya. The endangered Aberdale cisticola, Jackson’s spurfowl, sparrow hawk, African goshawk, African fish eagles, sunbirds, and plovers are just a few of the more than 250 documented bird species that may be found in the Aberdare National Park. Butterflies are abundant, especially in the two main habitats of the park, the moorlands and the forests. Raptors, such as buzzards and the African crown eagle, can be seen in the park’s cool glades.


Since the Aberdare Mountain Ranges are a part of this National Park, it is a Kenya safari  hiker’s paradise with hilly and mountainous landscapes that are ideal for trekking. Hikers can trek to the Table Mountains, Twin or Elephant Hills, or across the magnificent waterfalls and enjoy breathtaking views while seeing wildlife.

Trout Fishing

This can be done on a variety of rivers, such as the frigid Guru, Karuru, or Chaina flowing rivers directly beneath the waterfalls in the moorland, as well as other many fishing locations in the park with distinctive features including more waterfalls, cave fishing, and the opportunity to witness a variety of species.

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