Safari clothing (what to wear)

Safari clothing (what to wear)

It’s always a long way to finalize the booking process of your planned trip to Masai Mara due to several options, very many tour operators with different rates and accommodations all these crates a lot of stress when planning the trip to Africa but you will follow some steps with tips from friends, other guests who have been to Africa through different travel forums which helped you narrow down the event till you came into conclusion.

After such a tiresome work your now ready for your trip to Africa the safari is booked, flights also fully booked and you are now relaxed as time goes your next plans are basic parking list which sounds obvious to some people but very important for first time travelers if they want to achieve the best of their trips especially to Africa and Masai Mara.

Most guests who have never been to Africa think the continent is hot throughout the year and 24/7 but this is a misleading imagination, in fact Masai Mara is much more cooler especially morning and evening which will prompt someone to have  a mixture of both light and heavy clothes when planning for this trip.

Below are the most important parking list:

  1. Sun glasses
  2. Comfortable trousers
  3. Hats which can be bought at the masaai land
  4. Flip flops
  5. Cotton pajamas
  6. Waterproof jackets
  7. Good hiking shoes
  8. Garden gloves
  9. Short and long sleeved shirts
  10. T-shirts
  11. Insect repellents
  12. Good camera
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