The Best time to visit Nasolot National Reserve

The Best time to visit Nasolot National Reserve : No matter when you arrive, Nasolot National Reserve offers the best Kenya  safari tours experiences all year round due to its unique combination of a moderate climate with hot and dry temperatures and a diverse range of environments. These factors make the reserve an exceptional Kenya safari destination for wildlife viewing on off-beaten safaris. To fulfil their adventure interests while on Kenya safari, travellers should make the best plans by knowing the Best Time to Visit Nasolot National Reserve due to variable climate elements and park adventure experiences.

The best time to visit Nasolot National Reserve depends on a number of factors, including temperature, wildlife viewing, budgetary needs, and ease of navigation during kenya safari activities. Like other kenya safari destinations in equatorial Kenya, Nasolot National Reserve experiences both wet and dry seasons.

The Nasolot National Reserve is best visited during the long dry season, which runs from mid-June to October. This is because there is little to no fresh precipitation during this time, the river Turkwel dries out for seasonal watering, and the National Reserve’s vegetation dries up and becomes sparse. Because of this, animals are drawn to the still-flowing river streams or the area around the dam, which not only supply much-needed drinking water but also feed the surrounding vegetation. The roads and trails are dry, making it easy for your knowledgeable guides to drive through the park during game drives. On the other hand, Nasolot National Reserve has a short rainy season that lasts from November to December. During this time, rainfall is usually limited to brief afternoon and evening showers, and since this little moisture evaporates quickly, the roads and trails should remain moderate to navigate and the vegetation is beginning to turn rich green. These conditions are ideal because they give tourists high chances of viewing many species of wildlife, which are usually intermingled in a relatively diverse area of clear vegetation.

The short dry season, which is also known as the Best Time to Visit Nasolot National Reserve, ends in January and February. The long rainy season, which begins in late May and ends in parts of June with the heaviest rains in April and May, makes the National Reserve difficult to navigate, some lodges close, and animals disperse in remote areas of the reserve due to too much greener vegetation that turns into an a lush setting of grasses, making game viewing difficult and limited. However, during this rainy season, there is another much more spectacular advantage of scheduling your wilderness kenya safari to Nasolot National Reserve during this time: bird watching is always fantastic and at its best during the rainy season, with many species of rare and endangered birds being easily seen.

The attractions of Nasolot National Reserve

Due to the great beauty and ruggedness of Nasolot National Reserve, as well as its peaceful and remote location with few visitors, its tourist attractions are still unspoiled and wild.

One of the most popular Kenya safari tourist destinations in Nasolot National Reserve is Nasolot peak, a rocky outcrop that forms the reserve’s perimeter and offers a picturesque perspective of the entire area. The name of the reserve comes from this peak.


The short savannah plains and forest galleries that dot the reserve are home to a plethora of thriving animal species, including African elephant, greater and lesser kudu, bushbuck, duiker, lion, leopard, Kirk’s dik-dik, spotted hyena, jackal, impala, Sykes monkey, beisa and fringe-eared oryx, waterbuck, olive baboon, buffalo, gazelle, and hippopotamus, among many others.

The Best time to visit Nasolot National Reserve
Nasolot National Reserve


Aside from its natural features, the Nasolot National Reserve is home to a diverse range of bird-like inhabitants. These include small egrets, secretary birds, African sacred ibis, Eurasian Wigeon, African black ducks, tufted ducks, Yellow-billed ducks, common teal, comb ducks, rock doves, speckled pigeons, plain nightjars, and numerous other bird species. The best times to go bird watching are in the morning and evening to see a wide diversity of bird species. Bird-watching tours involve exploring most of the park’s areas in search of birds.


Additionally, the Turkwel River Dam is home to a variety of fish species, including catfish, robber lates, rudolf lates, and Nile perch. Sport fishermen can utilise fishing gear to capture one of these fish species.

Discover the tourist attractions in Nasolot National Reserve by going on game drives in the morning and evening, taking nature walks that take you to every part of the reserve, and engaging in other activities like boating, sport fishing, and camping to get the most out of this untamed National Reserve.

Accommodations in Nasolot National Reserve

There are extremely few lodging options in the Nasolot National Reserve. There are no lodges or tented camps within the reserve; nevertheless, self-catering lodging and campsites are offered at the reserve at the Marich Pass Field Studies Centre. Additional campgrounds include Abrahams’ and Willberg’s.

The remaining accommodations are outside and can be found in neighbouring towns like Lodwar.

The cradle luxury camp and lodge

In the heart of Turkana land’s desert in Lodwar, the Cradle Luxury Camp and Lodge is a luxurious camp that may be utilised for lodging in the reserve. It combines comfort and sophistication with a picturesque, secluded setting. Accommodation options at the camp and lodge include fifteen opulent tented suites, executive rooms, and stylish stone suites divided into two categories: presidential suites and honeymoon suites. Every room has air conditioning, gorgeous proportions, sophistication, and style.

Ceamo Prestige Lodge

This reasonably priced, elegant lodge is a great choice for lodging in the Nasolot National Reserve. It is located in the centre of Turkana, about a 15-minute drive from the Lodwar airport. The lodge offers deluxe rooms for singles and doubles, as well as ensuite rooms, all of which are equipped with carefully chosen, opulent linens and bedding and other amenities to ensure a comfortable stay.

Lodwar lodge

Lodwar Lodge is a reasonably priced option. While exploring the Nasolot National Reserve, Lodwar Lodge offers lodging that is convenient for travellers interested in adventure activities but not overly concerned with amenities and quality of service. The slightly run-down concrete cottages are secure and clean, and each guest room has a seating area, a private bathroom with a shower and free toiletries, among other amenities.

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