The Fischer’s Tower in Hell’s Gate National Park

The Fischer’s Tower in Hell’s Gate National Park : Hell’s Gate National Park, which was formerly a prehistoric lake, is notable for both its unusual scenery and the wide variety of animals that make this little park home. You may have an amazing time at Hell’s Gate National Park because of the breathtaking scenery and a variety of attractions.

Gorgeous, multi-coloured rock strata and formations can be found, along with a number of little waterfalls, both hot and cold. Certain locales may even be familiar to you, as they have served as inspiration for films like The Lion King and as part of Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life.

Hell’s Gate gorge

The Hell’s Gate gorge, a tributary of an extinct lake, winds across the middle of the park. With a guide, visitors can explore the gorge’s curved walls and explore the appropriately titled “devil’s sitting room,” “Hell’s clinic,” and “devil’s mouth.” There are gorgeous, multi-coloured rock strata and formations, as well as a number of tiny, chilly and hot waterfalls. Some of the locales may even be familiar to you, having served as inspiration for films like The Lion King and appearing in movies like Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life.

Lower Gorge

The Lower Gorge will definitely meet your needs if you’re more of a nature person than a wildlife enthusiast. It’s a route that descends Ol Njorowa Gorge’s amazing turns, albeit it gets extremely slick in the rain.

Obsidian caves

The obsidian caverns, which are situated next to the Buffalo Circuit, a 14-kilometer path that circles the park’s eastern region, are another example of volcanic ruins. You’ll notice the lustrous, black, and dark green surface of obsidian rock as soon as you enter the cold caves. When molten lava comes into contact with water and cools quickly, it produces this captivating glimmer.


In addition to its amazing geology, Hell’s Gate is home to a diverse array of fauna. The region is home to giraffes, buffalo, lions, leopards, Thomson gazelles, and eland antelopes, despite its comparatively modest size. There are over 103 different species of breeding birds in the park, and the towering cliffs are perfect for them. The bearded vulture, an uncommon yet breathtakingly beautiful bird, is especially noteworthy.

Nature walks

A great trail for hiking. It provides a cool stroll along serene nature paths with only the sound of birdsong and whistling trees to break the silence. There are excellent attractions along the road as well as excellent paths. Along the trek, you will come across several if you appreciate the winged ones.

Fisher’s Tower

The Fischer’s Tower has significantly increased the park’s tourist base, drawing lots of visitors from Nairobi who come here for picnics and bike excursions. It’s one of Hell’s Gate National Park’s best attractions and has significantly increased park attendance.

Nature Trail walk

Mountain bikers and motorised vehicles are not permitted on the Fisher Towers Hiking Trail. Wherever the Fischer Towers Hiking Trail crosses a location where the trail’s path is unclear, it is indicated by cairns, which are little heaps of rock. If you find yourself clambering down ledges, go back to the trail again.

There are two types of pavement surfaces on the single-track Fisher Towers Trail: dirt and rock. With cairns or rock piles to indicate the route, it is well marked and simple to follow. On hot days, plan your walk accordingly as there is no shade along the trail. Early in the morning or late at night is ideal. Don’t forget to wear a hat, apply sunscreen, and carry lots of drink.

The trail is devoid of water, so be prepared. It’s advised to drink one gallon of water per person every day throughout the heat. Lightweight boots or sturdy walking shoes are also excellent choices. If you decide to walk the route during or after a downpour, exercise caution. There is still a risk of falling rocks and erosive pressures. The path avoids areas with unfenced drops. Children should be closely observed by parents, who should also warn them about the risk of falling.

Film and Photography

You may recognise the area around the Colorado River and Fisher Towers. They have functioned as a picturesque setting for over twenty films, in addition to videos and advertisements. Fisher Towers could be seen in the Western-style flicks Waggon Master, Against A Crooked Sky, The Comancheros, and Rio Conchos. Filming for Against A Crooked Sky included a scene with Richard Boone close to the parking lot of Fisher Towers Recreation Site.

The park, which numerous key members of the film team visited to research and get an awareness of the surroundings for the film, served as a major basis for the principal setting of the 1994 motion picture The Lion King. This park served as the location for Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life, a 2003 motion picture.

Rock climbing

Climbing the granite cliffs is a natural instinct. A well-known, easy climb is Fischer’s Tower. To climb in the park, you will need equipment and a guide; check with your hotel beforehand. A roughly 25-meter-tall volcanic plug close to Hell’s Gate National Park’s northern edge.

Bird watching

 Numerous bird species can be seen patrolling the valley floor, perched on tall rocks, or building their nests atop Fischer’s Tower or in the gorge.

How to get there

Situated south of Lake Naivasha in Kenya, Hell’s Gate National Park spans 68.25 square kilometres and is around 90 kilometres away from Nairobi. After the detour from the former Nairobi-Naivasha route, Hell’s Gate National Park is located 14 km away. A slender slit in the cliffs that was formerly a stream of an ancient lake that provided food for early inhabitants in the Rift Valley gave rise to the name Hell’s Gate National Park. In 1984, it was founded. The scenery and diverse range of fauna found in a tiny national park are well-known. Accessing Hell’s Gate National Park can be accomplished in a variety of ways.

Due to its proximity to Nairobi, the park is easily accessible by car; however, plane travel is also an option.

The Fischer’s Tower in Hell’s Gate National Park
The Fischer’s Tower in Hell’s Gate National Park

The Hell’s Gate National Park can be found around nine miles away from the Nairobi-Naivasha highway turnoff. The breathtaking vistas of the Great Rift Valley from the Escarpment Road make the two-hour drive from Nairobi worthwhile in and of itself. There are possibilities to purchase Kenyan trinkets from merchants along the highway if you’re willing to haggle. This presents an excellent chance to get enough fresh produce and fruits in case you plan to go camping in the park. During World War II, Italian prisoners of war built the road, and the little church they built is worth seeing. The main Elsa Gate and the Olkaria Gate are the two gates that lead to Hell’s Gate.

If you decide to take to the skies, you will land at the Naivasha airport and then make your way to Travelling between parks can be made more effective by renting a plane. Travel companies reserve these flights as a component of their travel packages. Flights to Naivasha and other domestic destinations depart from Wilson Airport (WIL), which is located 6 km/4 mi south of Nairobi and accessible by car to Hell’s Gate.

It is quite convenient to connect to the park from Lake Naivasha National Park if that is your preference. In fact, some visitors choose to spend the night there for more comfortable lodging and then take a day trip to Hell’s Gate National Park, which is located 18 km/11 mi west of Lake Naivasha. They return by car in the late evening after spending a wonderful day there. The majority of visitors to the park make day trips from Lake Naivasha because there is no lodging available in the area. From Nairobi, Naivasha is conveniently accessible by automobile on a tar road. As an alternative, there are frequent flights to the Loldia airport located on Naivasha’s western flank.

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