The Masai Mara Landscape

The Masai Mara Landscape

Masai Mara national Reserve is characterized by open Savannahs with dotted scrub hence getting the name Masai which means dotted, the reserve’s topography is divided in to four categories namely:

The Siria Escarpments which forms the plateau in the western side of the reserve

Secondly is the sandy soil and small dotted scrub mostly occupying the Eastern side of the Masai Mara national Reserve

Another that makes the largest part of the reserve is the open plains with few dotted scrub occupying all the middle part of the reserve.

Finally the Grassland and woodlands found along the Mara River, this is the central circuit of the reserve where the great wildebeest migration annually takes place. Its out of the above categorical topography that has made Masai Mara national reserve to search as a key tourism destination not only in Kenya but Africa at large. Different ecosystems harbors different wildlife system  making the reserve to have high population of animals throughout the year and more are added during the migration season.

The wide open landscape of Masai Mara is very vital as scenic beauty destination  that gives guests wide open activities to do beyond wildlife viewing in addition to Cultural participation.

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