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The weather climate of Masai Mara

The weather climate of Masai Mara

The weather climate of Masai Mara and East Africa in general is almost the same with the destinations near Equator experiencing cooler and wetter climatic conditions than places far away from Equator which opposes the human imagination of the opposite in reference to the imaginary lines. The temperatures mostly fall at night making the nights cooler than day time throughout the year, Masai Mara is located in the south of Equator with altitude of around 1,500 meters to 1,900 meters.

The Temperatures are always higher around October and March and lower around June to August with the coolest times to be at night when the temperatures drop down some times below even 10 degrees Celsius.

Masai Mara national reserves have two rainy seasons with the wettest month being April and July being the driest month, the first rains in April and May also referred as the long rains where the reserve receives a lot of rainfall and most of the camps close up while the seconnd short rains in November the rains are little as compared to the first rains and also very short period of time.

The most unique point of the Mara reserve is that the reserve does not have real dry season at least the park receives rainfall throughout the year even in the so called the dry Month of June to October. Sunshine is distributed throughout the year our guests will always enjoy the African sunshine through the sunrise game drives and sun set game drives, one can even do sun bathing at  later hours or early hours of the day depending on the location of your accommodation or tent.

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