Tips for a perfect honeymoon in 2024

Tips for a perfect honeymoon in 2024 : A honeymoon on an African safari is sure to be romantic and unforgettable: sundowners facing a gathering of animals at a waterhole, sleeping under the moon and stars, waking to the sound of birds at dawn, and lounging through the afternoon.

Due to its size and diversity, Africa is home to numerous countries that provide safari experiences (South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya to name a few). Making a list of your priorities can help you choose a safari honeymoon location that meets your requirements. Consider things like the animals you want to see the most, the country you want to visit, your budget, airports that connect well to your home, the number of nights you can spend on your honeymoon, and any additional experiences (beaches, mountains, city breaks, etc.) that you would like to combine with a safari. Countless beach vacations and honeymoons on safari in Africa have been arranged by us. To make sure that your honeymoon in Africa is something you will never forget, we’ve given our insider tips here.

Go quickly.

Emotion at a wedding wanes quickly. The previous night’s wild and crazy party area is probably a bomb site with sticky floors the next day. Even while it might seem sensible to give yourself a day or two before leaving, leaving quickly on your honeymoon ensures that the good times never stop.

The majority of flights to Africa depart from the UK in the late afternoon, which makes it easier to sleep in, enjoy a leisurely brunch, and leave for the airport without having to rush. In Africa, get up early the following day and head to your lodging in time for lunch or sundowner beverages.

Start slowly.

You won’t be suffering from jet lag when you have a wedding in the UK and a honeymoon in Africa, but you will undoubtedly be exhausted from the big day and the nighttime travel. Start off gently by spending a few days in a place like Nairobi, Giraffe Manor, or the beach where activities don’t start at first light. More lie-ins, pool time, and leisurely breakfasts before you go exploring will be possible as a result.

Make it new for both of you.

Being told tales of your former partner’s visit with your new spouse seems a bit awkward. Take a trip or engage in an activity that neither of you have done before. In this manner, the encounters will be fresh for you both.

Tips for a perfect honeymoon in 2024

Would you like to take a private stroll to a hot spring, go on a winelands tour with lunch on one of the estates, take a magnificent hot air balloon flight over the Serengeti, or in Maasai Mara National reserve. A knowledgeable travel agent can offer a plethora of options to enhance and customize your honeymoon. They can then assist you in creating a wedding registry that your loved ones can visit to help you finance your ideal honeymoon.

Build in some private time.

While socializing with other travelers is enjoyable, there are plenty of opportunities to spend time alone on safari.  Rent a private car for the day or inquire if the camp can set up a table for two in a special location. Most will be pleased to comply.  Consider spending a night in a star bed if you’re feeling particularly daring.  Nothing is more romantic than spending a night beneath the African sky, and a lavish star bed for two is the epitome of a honeymoon.

What Next.

There is no better place to commemorate a milestone birthday, honeymoon, or wedding anniversary than the varied and breathtaking nations of Africa. We plan amazing travels, honeymoons on safari, and holiday celebrations around Africa and the Indian Ocean, staying in some of the most secluded and romantic locations on the planet. Reach out to Focus East Africa Tours for assistance in organizing your honeymoon in Africa you will not get disappointed.

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