Top safari activities to Do on Pemba Island

Top safari activities to Do on Pemba Island : Ancient Omani traders called Pemba “El Huthera,” which means “The Green.” Pemba is an emerald island in the Indian Ocean, just 50 miles (80 km) north of Zanzibar. Its name comes from the lush forests that cover its hilly scenery. Unlike Zanzibar, Pemba is almost untouched and doesn’t have a lot of tourists.

  1. Your dream turquoise Island escape in the Indian Ocean.

The people of Pemba have stayed away from the charms of modernization and are happy with their quiet lives of fishing and farming. This shows that their way of living has been working for them for hundreds of years. If you go to the beach, the pure white sand will charm you as the waves tickle your toes and the gentle ocean breezes ruffle your hair.

There aren’t many beach hotels here, so it’s possible that you could spend your whole dream island vacation on Pemba without seeing anyone else besides the people at your beach hotel. Spend lazy days on the beach with a cool drink in your hand, soaking up the sun and watching traditional dhows with their cute triangular sails sail across the blue Indian Ocean in front of you.

  1. Sleep in an underwater room at Manta Reef Resort – an inimitable experience.

If you like marine life and have always wished you could spend more time underwater watching the interesting creatures around you, the Manta Resort might be just what you were looking for. Their “Underwater Room” at Manta Reef is a unique way for Focus East Africa Tours guests to enjoy living in the marine paradise while on vacation in this part of Eastern Africa.

This floating room is 250 metres from the beach and in the middle of the huge Indian Ocean. It has three levels. The top floor is open to the sky and sun, making it perfect for sunbathing and maybe some stargazing. The lounge and bathroom are on the lower floor. The bedroom is on the bottom floor. It has glass windows so you can look out and watch the sea life.

At night, the ocean is lit up by soft floodlights all around so you can see the animals that come to visit you on your Pemba marine safari. You could see elusive squids, octopi, beautiful Spanish dancers, batfish, and trumpet fish, among other reef inhabitants. It might also be interesting to know that coral has started to grow on the outside of the submerged room and on the anchoring lines.

  1. Romantic Boutique Resort Experience.

For beach travel in Africa, honeymooners and couples looking for a quiet, romantic getaway could go to Fundu Lagoon. Once you get to Pemba Island, the easiest way to get to this lodge, which is in the southwest part of the island, is by boat. It has a calm atmosphere, with the soft sands and blue water of the Indian Ocean in front of you and the beautiful green of the tropical forests behind you.

To give you a taste of island life, the whole lodge is made of thatch, coconut poles, local wood, and canvas. Use the boarded walkways to get from one shared area to another. Handmade bead curtains and artefacts add to the charm of the decor. Higher up the slope, in a quiet, shady spot, there is a small, oval-shaped pool with amazing views of the ocean.

Top safari activities to Do on Pemba Island
Romantic Boutique Resort Experience

You can cool off in the water and take a sip of a drink from the pool bar, or you can just lay back on the chairs and let the sun give you a nice tan. Spend your nights on the jetty and watch the sun set over the Indian Ocean as it turns a beautiful shade of gold. The sounds of the birds will add harmony to yet another perfect evening on Pemba Island.

  1. World class scuba diving at varied dive sites with clear visibility.

The water around Pemba Island stays between 75 and 94 degrees Fahrenheit (24 and 29 degrees Celsius), which is perfect for coral growth. The nutrient-rich waters of the ocean also help create a beautiful world of long lines of reefs that are home to a wide variety of moving marine life. This is the area you will see when you swim and scuba dive off the coast of Pemba.

Divers of all levels can explore the seas, which are clear enough to see up to 30 to 40 metres deep. The soft sun rays light up a strangely calm environment with a riot of colours. Look out for reef fish, eagle rays, manta rays, garden eels, starfish, mollusks, crabs, shrimps, and other crustaceans, sea horses, squids, sponges, turtles, and many other animals that live in a unique environment with living coral, algae, sea grasses, and other ocean plants.

  1. Off-Beat Island safaris.

You might think that Pemba’s peace and quiet only make it a good place to go on a safari in Tanzania where you don’t have to do much. But there are so many different things to do here that your time will fly by. Explore the wonders of Ngezi Forest, where you can find a wide range of animals, from birds like Pemba’s sunbirds, scops owls, green pigeons, and goshawks to monkeys, bush babies, red colobus monkeys, and hyrax.

Focus East Africa Tours guests can also go to Ngezi to look for the “Flying Fox Bats of Pemba.” The trip ends with a stop at the fortress of Mkama Ndume and the ruins of Chwaka, which were built in the 18th century. Chake Chake, the island’s city, the self-effacing lighthouse, the fish market, a tour of Pemba’s clove spice farms, a visit to a local school, and other places are also worth seeing.

At low tide, you could have a picnic on one of the many exposed sandbanks and enjoy the beautiful contrast between the white sand and the blue water. You can remember your trip to Pemba Island by taking shots of the tiny sea creatures and shells left behind when the tide goes out. Try fishing for a few hours with an experienced skipper on a boat that was built just for fishing. And spend another beautiful evening with your loved one on Ngalawa boat watching the sunset.

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