Undiscovered Islands on The Indian Ocean

Undiscovered Islands on The Indian Ocean : Indian Ocean is the right safari destination where tourists can escape and plan for a little beach time during your safari. Ovcourse there is Mauritius and Seychelles are the best, though on the other side. There are undiscovered tracks that is Mafia island and the Pemba island, these amazing islands are very stunning and they are off the coast of Tanzania that are meant to make your safari the most colorful one. With the white sandy beaches, swaying palm fronds, gin clear waters and among others. All of them are extra beautiful even at times it can be hard to choose for yourself the incredible one but it is always proper to seek for the guide that can help you out to make the best decision.

Undiscovered islands are such very amazing you may think that Mafia island and Pemba island are very small, but trust me they are gorgeous and offer the travelers with the best beach safari experience. The both islands offer the guests with the havens that are more than just somewhere to top up your tan. On a safari especially you can enjoy the both islands both Pemba and Mafia Island to enjoy diving mostly these are best dive spots. Here the travelers do enjoy searching the pristine reefs, crystal-clear waters and spotting the abundance of incredible sea life that is not common in every island across the Indian Ocean.

Pemba Island.

Pemba Island

Pemba Island is the right safari destination for the travelers and the island is famous for diving. As the west coast is majorly known for the steep drop offs and the coral reefs, hence making to be the veritable playground where various tropical schools of fish are allocated, and then sighting Nemo and his friends. On a safari to Pemba Island you can have the best safari dive experience to dive along the napoleon wrasse, reef sharks, barracuda, spotted eagle rays, sighing the attractive and beautiful pods of dolphins.

Pemba might not be the home of the graceful giants, but the destination is known as the ‘’Green Island’’ this is because the island has the lush and vivid interior. Pemba Island has got the magnificent views and if you are lucky you can be able to sight the flying foxes, monkeys. More so, on the other hand as well the tourists can still view the local plantations growing around, the cloves, coconuts, mangoes, bananas and many others. Pemba island is the gorgeous island for being Africa’s best scuba diving locations, the island is surrounded by the magnificent underwater walls and excellent topography, providing a habitat for an array of sea creatures, including the turtles, reef sharks, hammerheads sharks and big game fish.

Mafia Island.

Mafia island is as well popularly known for the world diving and the sheltered bays and the challenging diving walls that are the home to the similar marine life to Pemba. While preparing and planning for a safari to Mafia Island it is always important to known that during the period between October and March every year the safari destination can be suitable and best for snorkeling. With the one of the most beautiful creatures in the ocean the amazing whale shark which gives you the everlasting safari memories in your life.

On the same destination, still Mafia Island is well recognized by the PADI and the island is ranked as among the top ten spots in the world, where the tourists can go to interact with the unique and attractive beasts that happen and known as the world’s fish. Mafia Island is the best safari destination in the entire Africa where the travelers can go to spot the world’s fish, humpback whales, and turtles. Which makes Mafia island to be a unique place for the travelers and honeymooners to unwind their Tanzania safari.

Mafia Island and Pemba Island are the amazing safari destinations that can not disappoint you on a safari in fact the both islands are perfect for beachy escapes and experiencing the warm water adventures that makes them the idyllic destinations.

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