Unmissable Landscapes in Kenya

Unmissable Landscapes in Kenya

Unmissable Landscapes in Kenya : Kenya is an incredible destination whether you are looking for wildlife spotting on a safari, climbing Mount Kenya or relaxing on a tropical beach. At every stop, Kenya provides spectacular scenery and is a playground of picturesque vistas and vibrant culture.

From the endless savannah grassy plains to snow – capped peak of Mount Kenya, here are is a list of unmissable landscapes in Kenya to provide you with a guide to use when planning your trip to Kenya to enjoy the scenic views the country has to offer.

Kakamega Rainforest: Ancient Abundance

Once upon a time, the vast rainforest spanned on the continent of Africa, a stripe of green stretching from the Atlantic coast to the Indian Ocean. Today, the Kenya’s Kakamenga Rainforest is the only remaining part of the ancient rainforest, this centuries – old oasis is home to the endangered colobus monkeys living in the treetop troops and the giant forest hogs truffle in the undergrowth.

Also, Kakamega forest is one of the best landscapes in Kenya for bird watching. It is important to carry binoculars which will enable you see over 367 species of birds. On a self-guided hike in the heart of the forest brings you to the small yet scenic Isiukhu Falls and Buyangu Hill Lookout which will give you sensational views of the canopy most especially at sunrise.

Amboseli National Park: Parades & Peaks

Amboseli National Park is a top tier destination renowned for its huge population of wildlife and scenic views, the park is known as home to the large herds of elephants.

Amboseli National Park offers excellent sightings of large herds of elephants, zebras, wildebeests and occasional lion or hyenas.

Amboseli National Park sits in the foreground of Mount Kilimanjaro – the tallest free-standing mountain in Africa making it one of the best vantage points for admiring the tallest peak in Africa. Although it is frequently covered in cloud, you will catch the magical sight of the snow-capped summit typically at dawn or dusk, the mountain reveals itself in all its massive, majestic glory.

The additional dusty silhouette of an elephant parade passing across the dramatic backdrop presents one of the most legendary landscapes in Kenya.

Lamu Island: Castaway Culture

Kenya lies on the same altitude as the Maldives and Seychelles which results into the beauty on the tropical beaches, for a beach break off the beaten track where heavenly vistas reach for the horizon, the remote Lamu Island is the best option.

Lamu Island features a blend of Arab Architecture, Chinese and Indian Culture and dreamy shorelines will tempt to stay in Lamu as it has for so many years since the 1960s when it became a hippie hideaway.

Today, the ting isle remains a relatively well-kept secret so you can step from your boutique hotel onto the sugar-white sand in crowd-free comfort. The landscape of blue skies, blue seas and blue swimming pools creates the paradise – like views. The ancient Swahili settlement of Lamu Town is an enticing place to explore, Lamu is recognized as a UNESCO Site for it’s an idyllic island setting.

Unmissable Landscapes in Kenya
Lamu Island

Masai Mara: Safari Scenes

The iconic endless plains of Masai Mara are unmissable landscapes in Kenya, a kenyan safari to the remarkable Masai Mara National Reserve. There are many entertaining activities to do while on a Masai Safari which will provide views of the scenic landscape of this Eden including game viewing on which you will spot the Big Five, hot air balloon offering you aerial views of the savannah plains.

Also, you can join a guided horse-riding safari offering you a closer encounter with the reserve’s ecological system.

Mount Longonot: Volcano in the Valley

For visitors seeking for an advanced and adrenaline experience in Kenya, Mount Longonot offers a perfect – trip – distance from Nairobi and can easily be tackled in half of day of hiking.

It is easy to follow trails that take you to the rim of this dormant volcanoes for incredible views across the Great Rift Valley – a site of some of the most spectacular landscapes of Kenya, on this hike you will need a ranger who will enhance every step with their local knowledge and wildlife spotting skills.

Lake Turkana: Historic Shores

Lake Turkana sometimes called “the Jade Sea” for its milky-green hue, Lake Turkana is the largest permanent desert lake in the world stretching almost 155 miles from north to south.

It is a spectacular site to be hold as you will see the vast, turquoise – tinted expanse of water amid a bone – dry, sparsely-populated desert. Also, it is possible to swim in these waters which is a relief from the heat. This dramatic, desolate landscapes hides more than meets the eye.

Lake Turkana has been uniquely important to our understanding of human ancestry with a treasure trove of early human fossils discovered along its shoreline.

Because of this rich history, Lake Turkana and the surrounding park gained UNESCO World Heritage Site status

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