What Are The Interesting Facts About Maasai Mara?

What Are The Interesting Facts About Maasai Mara? Maasai Mara National park is located in the Southwestern region of Kenya and it is considered the largest game reserve in the country, which covers a total surface area of about 1,510 square kilometers and stands at elevated area, which is between 4920 to 7120 meters above the sea level. In addition, this national park is famously known for its wildebeest migration and the large concentration of the wildlife species and its local community of the Maasai people, which leads many people to travel from all over many parts of the world to visit this game park. More so, below are some the interesting facts that tourists should know about Maasai Mara national park.

Facts about about Maasai Mara National park.

  • Maasai Mara national park is a good area for one to choose to travel to while planning to go on an adventurous safari in the country because individuals get to capture classic views of the beautiful scenery due to the fact that it is surrounded by many different tree species, savanna grass lands, woodlands, scrub, marshes, riverine forests, swampy areas and stunning waterbodies like; Mara river which all also act as good natural habitats to large numbers of wildlife species found in the park.
  • Maasai Mara national park shares boarders with Serengeti national park, which is located in Tanzania hence granting opportunities to animals to move from one park to another.
  • The Wildebeest migration is seen as top tourist attraction in Maasai Mara National park and this always happens to take place every year between months of July to October. In addition, this migration always involves thousands of wildebeests to wonder through the nature while moving across the Mara reserve and within Serengeti national park with a main purpose of searching for water and green pastures to feed on.
  • Exploring within Maasai Mara national park gives tourists chances to interact with the Maasai people who are well known to have a unique culture for example; they are known to be living a nomadic way of lifestyle as they rare cattle and also visiting these local people helps individuals to observe and notice their ways such as; their dressing code, how they prepare their local meals, watch how they make their local arts and crafts, see the Maasai houses which are commonly referred to as the “Manyattas” in the local language. More so, the local people always welcome and entertain their guests with their exciting traditional dance performances and sing their folk songs among others.
  • Maasai Mara National park is home to a large numbers of lion species and also many other big cats which are always available in the game park for tourists to see such as; leopards, cheetahs and many others.
  • Maasai Mara National park is being led and managed by a local community which is known to have a number of conservation areas where tourists can visit which include; Olare Motorogi conservancy, Ol Kinyei conservancy, Mara Naboisho conservancy, Mara North conservancy, Mara triangle conservancy, Olare motorogi conservancy, Mara triangle conservancy, Ol choro Oiroua conservancy, Olderikesi conservancy, Siana conservancy among others.

    What Are The Interesting Facts About Maasai Mara?
    Olare Motorogi Conservancy
  • More so, touring around this national park blesses you with chances to engage in several intresting activities where they gain new experiences and create remarkable memories such as; guided nature walks, game drives which are usually done in different sessions, hot air balloon safaris, bird watching, horseback riding. In addition, during these activities, park guides or some the Maasai people who help tourists to have a great safari experience because they help to provide them with more information concerning all the activities, attractions and their culture always guide tourists.
  • In addition, tourists should know that there are several entry points/gates, which include; Sekihan gate, Oloololo gate, Musiara gate, Oloolaimutia gate, Talek gate and each of the entrance fees in order to access the game parks are always paid at the gate.
  • There are the big five animals in Maasai Mara National park which are also considered to be one of the tourist attractions in the park such as; African elephants, buffalos, lions, leopards, Rhinos.
  • The Mara Triangle is a game reserve, which is always covered with a green lush vegetation, and a beautiful scenery surrounded with good pastures, acacia trees and an eco-system, which supports a large numbers of wildlife species, characterizes it.
  • Maasai Mara national park is a home to many wildlife species and bird species which tourists can sight see as they tour around the park and some of these include; vultures, malachite king fisher, secretary birds, ostriches, eagles, grey crowned crane, kori bustards, yellow billed hornbill, lilac breasted roller, saddle billed stork among others. more so, this game park is seen as a wildlife sanctuary where there are wildlife species like; zebras, leopards, hyenas, topi, gazelles, jackals, African wild dogs, buffalos, cheetahs, wildebeests and many others.

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