What Makes Maasai Mara Significant?

What Makes Maasai Mara Significant? Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, is one of the finest wildlife safari destinations in Kenya and Africa, an outstanding conservation area which is why the Maasai Mara is so significant to the globe being one of the few locations on earth where wild animals and their ecosystem exist in an extremely protected environment. The reserve is renowned for its outstanding wildlife such as large populations of Lion, Cheetah, Elephant, African Buffalo and Rhino, a few amongst the hundreds of animal and bird species that inhabit the reserve. The yearly Great Migration, often known as the “Mara,” is a remarkable natural phenomenon that takes place there and is a major factor in Maasai Mara’s designation as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World that every kind of traveler should explorer.

Here are a few explanations for why Maasai Mara is so significant and deserving of a visit. 

Wilderness area and wildlife conservation.

One of Africa’s most well-known and significant wilderness and animal conservation places is Maasai Mara Game Reserve. With over 25% of Kenya’s species found there, it is well known worldwide for its biodiversity. In addition to having about 550 bird species, it is recognized as an Important Bird Area (IBA) and is home to over 95 animal species.

The yearly wildebeest migration, known as the “gnu” migration, is another reason to visit the Mara. It takes place between July and October and involves massive herds of over a million wildebeest, or “gnu,” migrating north into Maasai Mara from Tanzania’s neighboring Serengeti National Park, crossing the Mara River, which is teeming with crocodiles. The treacherous crossing is a famous point in the migration that draws interest from people who are passionate about wildlife everywhere.

Source of Income for Kenya’s and East Africa’s Tourism Industry.

Due to its enormous international tourist influx, Maasai Mara is one of Kenya’s and East Africa’s main sources of income. Maasai Mara National Reserve receives thousands of visitors each year who spend the night there, making it a major source of revenue for the nation. This helps the indigenous populations that live nearby the reserve, primarily the Maasai people, who in turn contribute to the preservation of the wildlife

What Makes Maasai Mara Significant?
Maasai Tribe

Community based protection of wild animals.

A number of conservancies and group ranches, including Koiyaki, Lemek, Ol Chorro Oirowua, Mara North, Olkinyei, Siana, Maji Moto, Naikara, Ol Derkesi, Kerinkani, Oloirien, and Kimintet, about the main Maasai Mara reserve. Conservancies, which are progressive community-based models of animal conservation, were founded to protect wildlife habitat and provide employment opportunities for thousands of people. This is significant since, according to estimates, 65% of Kenya’s extant wildlife does not reside in national reserves.

13,236 landowners control the 336,191 acres that make up the Mara Conservancies, which is nearly the size of the National Reserve. They are paid a monthly land lease, which benefits more than 100,000 people financially. This lessens the likelihood of human-animal conflict, which could arise if the local communities who also use the area for cultivating crops and grazing cattle had no source of revenue.

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